spiderweb quilt- finished

I have a quilt for show-and-tell!! This is my spiderweb quilt:

Spiderweb quilt- Karen Mundt

Spiderweb quilt- Karen Mundt

I started this quilt back in 2012. I have shown pictures of its progress here and here, amongst others.
It was inspired by a quilt I had seen on the Quiltville blog site, only I made some changes of my own. I used the basic triangle shape and the kite-shape templates to cut the pieces out. To make the spiderweb blocks, I pieced together strips of bright coloured prints- mainly Kaffe Fassett fabrics, of which I have many! The strips were of different widths and irregularly-shaped and I just sewed hundreds together to make the ‘fabric’ which the triangle templates were used on. I had so many of these fabrics that I only used what I already had, and only had to buy the black spot which was used for the kite pieces.
Using the strips that way meant that the strips run length-wise along the longest part of the triangle, instead of around like the usual spiderweb block.
Once the blocks were assembled together, I added little part-blocks in each corner.
Thw quilting also took awhile to decide- I wanted to avoid the centres of each block because there is a lot of seams all gathering together right in the middle. I quilted it myself on my longarm machine with a free-hand feather design throughout. I used a variegated thread on the blocks, with a black thread on the corner blocks and in the bobbin thread.
I joined strips of the same fabrics to make the binding.
I think it sums up a favourite colour-scheme of mine; lots of full-on colour with a black background. I am so happy it’s finished!
I have entered it in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival in the ROYGBIV (Rainbow) category- have a look here on Amy’s Creative Side blog and vote for your favourite in each category!

deciding on the quilting

Some lovely quilted works were shown at our recent meeting of Gatton Quilters. As I’m sure what commonly happens at guild meetings everywhere, members bring along what they’ve been working on, or still working on, to show and tell us all about them.
Patricia showed us some blocks she has hand-pieced and is planning to work into table runners for gifts..
We had Val with her lovely quilt top full of embroidered blacks offset by pieced frames..
as well as this quilt top in stark contrast, not only in colours but also style…
Val is still thinking about how to quilt these tops. That can be a very hard decision, because there are so many factors to take into consideration. There is not only the design of the quilting,
but also the style of quilting- whether free-form/free-motion or more traditional;
whether dense quilting or more spread-out;
whether the quilting is to be very obvious or to take its place in the background;
whether the quilting is to be used to highlight certain features of the quilt-top; the colour of the thread used; the eventual use of the quilt – for some people sparse quilting is better for a ‘cuddly’ quilt, and so on.
This spider-web quilt of mine is one that has taken me a very long time to decide on the quilting for-
it is a top that is very busy within those spiderweb blocks, not only in colour but also in construction. I need to think of a design that avoids quilting in the very centre of the blocks where many seams come to a point and create a lot of bulk.
Coming up with a design that doesn’t need any stitching over that central section has been a big stumbling block, but I’ll soon be able to show you what I finally decided on!

some new things

We’ve just had a long weekend here, which is so great because I got an extra day sewing! Yay! I’m also linking up to a Blog Hop for newish Bloggers: it’s called the Let’s Get Acquainted Blog Hop. Over the next two months a number of blogs are highlighted each week, with the idea that we all visit each other, and hopefully find some new blogs, new readers to our own blogs and lots of helpful advice. It is being supported by Beth at Plum and June. I have a blog button over at the side which you can click on to go to her site. I’m listed for Friday July 19 and on that day I will be giving a general introduction to myself and the quilting I like to do.
When you have some time, visit some of the blogs listed at the bottom of this post. If you want to “follow” me, you can click on the Networked Blogs link, also over in the right sidebar.

What have I been up to this weekend- well, I have finished the last block of the “My Favourite Block” quiltalong, which was the Broken Squares block.
This one had lots of little pieces for the 6 1/2″ block, and as I decided to do it in the scrappy colourway, I had to choose quite a few fabrics.
I also had to change how I made it too, as I was using separate fabrics, instead of just the one contrast fabric for the 9-patches and flying geese.But that’s okay, all worked out. Here’s the final block:

So, seeing as it was the last block I put it up on the design wall with all the others just to have a look at them all together.
They are not sewn together yet, and the arrangement will no doubt change between now and then, but it’s good just to see how they turned out. Lots of colours and text fabrics as my ‘neutrals’. Do you think they all basically will work together? I’ve had some second thoughts about the mix of the white-based text and the cream-based texts, but maybe with careful placement, and choice of sashing perhaps?, it should be alright.

And the other thing I did over the weekend is look at this completed spiderweb quilt top to work out how I might quilt it.
Sorry these photos aren’t good- the light wasn’t the best. It has lots of seams in the middle of those blocks so I’ll try to avoid them if possible. I’m still looking and thinking!

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spiderwebs everywhere

I don’t know where the time gets to. I’d like to give an update here on what progress I’ve made on different projects but it sometimes seems, when I do so, that I’m talking about the same quilt many times over. But to be realistic, I can’t be starting a brand new quilt every week now, can I? And I do sometimes take a long time to get one finished so it is inevitable that I show progress on the same quilt here on this blog at least a few times. (This is me talking to myself.)
So that now I have reassured myself that it’s okay to – once again- mention my spiderweb quilt, I’ll get on with showing where I am up to with it!

Here is a previous blog post.
I finally finished cutting the strippy triangles and the black kite shapes for in-between and arranged them on the design wall.
Now I had to decide on how to arrange them: they could be either with a part-web up in the outer corners, like this:

or with the black pieces in the corners, like this:

I decided I liked this second arrangement better, because they would lead into black borders a little better. Next to consider was the question of whether I wanted to have half-webs along each of the sides..

If I didn’t, I would have to make more strippy triangles to complete those webs, and have them surroundered by more of the black.
I only wanted to make the quilt to have about 3 rows of ‘spiderwebs’, and if I now am going to contemplate completing those webs, I would have to sew more strips together and cut more triangles. You can guess where I’m going here- I’m a little bit over sewing strips and cutting triangles, so I spent a lot of time looking at it and trying to justify in my mind that half-webs would look okay.
No, they wouldn’t. So it’s back to cutting and sewing more strips together to make another 48 triangles.
I’m onto it.

I’m linking up to Freshly Pieced’s blog with Work-In-Progress Wednesday– have a look at others and what they are up to.

5 colour combinations…

Do you ever wonder how fabric designers come up with the designs and colour combinations that they do? Or when looking at quilt designs, wonder how the designer thought to put particular fabric combinations together? I love scrappy quilts where lots and lots of fabrics are added in together, and the premise for making them is that you use any scraps you have and just add them all together. The end product always comes out looking great, without hours spent agonising over which fabric to add to others.
I contemplated such matters while sewing more of my spiderweb quilt blocks. When sewing the strips together I did not pay any attention to which strips I was picking up to sew together, I wanted it to be as random as possible. And it was while I was sewing the triangles together that I happened to notice some colour combinations that looked really great together; possibly ones that I may not have originally thought I would put together in another quilt- or maybe I like to think I would?!
Look at these two pieces of fabric.

These two wouldn’t have been fabrics that jump out as complementing each other, but when you see two strips together, (I think) they look great:

This next piece is a Kaffe Fassett fabric. I love it for what it is, but the fabrics that have ended up next to it in the triangles below really show how versatile it is:

the spotted fabric was the one that first caught my eye:

Even blues and greens, caramel and stripes:

Clever Kaffe!

good things a-happening..

Lots of good things happened here today.

My sister came to my place for a “girls’ day sewing”.

Amanda brought a new project to work on, with a selection of lovely Japanese fabrics and a cute little quilt pattern to start on.

I decided to work on my spiderweb quilt.

I sewed many triangles together.

My daughter made us a very tasty quiche for lunch while we sewed. And pressed.

And quilted.

She also made some patty cakes

and along with the apricot and passionfruit jam that Amanda brought down, we had a very happy little domestic scene happening!

It’s all good..

this week in progress

I have been doing some more work on my Spiderweb quilt, first mentioned here and here. I have lots of segments constructed but not yet sewn into blocks. To see how many I have done so far and get an idea on how many left to do, I arranged them onto my design wall.

I think I will make this quilt about 3 spiderwebs wide by three spiderwebs down, which means, as you can see, I’m not there yet!
I am making this by first sewing together lots of strips of brightly coloured fabrics, mainly Kaffe Fassett and Phillip Jacobs fabrics.

Then I use the templates to cut out the triangle-shapes, angling all the strips pointing to the apex of the triangle.

The kite-shaped pieces are also cut using a template, and for these I’m using a black spotted fabric.

I sew two triangles to a kite to make one segment.

The segments will then be sewn together to make small blocks, which will then be sewn together in rows. Its fun to play around with them to see what they will like when together but it is easy to get the segments arranged higgeldy piggeldy!

I’m waiting until I have all the segments sewn before joining them together so that I can check the colour distribution of the strips throughout the blocks.

I’m also linking in to Work in Progress Wednesday and Small Blog Meet – this is a special feature on the blog “Lily’s Quilts” for smaller blogs to make some connections with other blogs and encourage readers from those blogs to come and visit here!

Lily's Quilts

Home-designed design wall

I’m a happy little vegemite now that I have a design wall in my studio. I’ve been tossing ideas around for ages trying to work out how to put one up in my room- a room that doesn’t have any large expanse of spare wall.You know how handy it would be to have a design wall- where you can try out varying combinations of blocks for a quilt, look at different fabrics to see how they will ‘play’ with each other, and not to have to use the floor which I have been using until now. Besides the knees and the back getting a little tired of it, having everything arranged on the floor can just flat out be a nuisance and in everyone’s way!
The dilemma has always been where to put it, let alone how to make it. In these pictures of my studio you can see how I have things up on all the walls, whether it be built-in shelves, cupboards, benches or windows. The long-arm quilter necessitated having a lovely long room so the overall size is perfect.

You can see in this shot a quilt folded over the roller bar of the quilter. I have just taken it off the long-arm and am about to add the binding. I’ll show photos of that when it is finished.
This end is my reading corner- everyone’s favourite chair in the house for reading, in my case mainly quilting books and magazines. This is where I sit to have a coffee or sometimes lunch, and the chair is old and comfy.

So, back to the design wall. My husband put up a rail across the top of cupboard doors. I first tried just hanging some flannel from that but it wasn’t successful. The wall that runs perpendicular to the cupboards has a large sliding glass door with a roll-down blind. I did consider whether we could somehow utilise that, perhaps by adding flannel to the blind, but that didn’t work either as it wasn’t solid enough when pressing the pieces on. So John got two large pieces of board and cut holes out of the top to enable us to slip the board up inside the rail.

Of course, it means that I can’t get into the cupboard at the same time, but the boards are easy to slide down and out when not in use. There are two separate boards that fit flush next to each other when one isn’t wide enough.

We then got an old flannel sheet and stapled it all around the board just as a trial- but it works so well I’ll probably just leave it there. I just need to get another piece to cover the second board.

I tried it out with some blocks for the spiderweb quilt {which aren’t really spiderwebs- I’ll have to think of a new name} that I’ve been experimenting with, as mentionerd last week. They are coming along really well too!

Spiderweb quilt

I mentioned last week about a new idea I had for a quilt. It is based on a spiderweb quilt that I saw online at Quiltville, only I am making it slightly differently.

The spiderweb quilt is made up of square blocks, each made from 4 triangles joined together. Each of those individual triangles has a kite-shaped piece in the centre and the two outer ‘wings’ are made from scrappy strips.

Instead of starting with strips and adding them to a foundation to build up the triangles in the blocks, I am using some strip-pieced blocks I had already made. I had already cut the blocks at 8.5″ square so my idea is to cut the triangles out of these blocks and then add them to the a kite-shaped piece for the centre.

By doing this I would certainly have some wastage from the strip-pieced blocks- the most I can cut from each block is 3 triangles. However, I will keep the bits that are left over after cutting out the triangles as they could come in handy for another project down the track.
Today I spent some time auditioning fabric to use for the centre kites. I started with a red spot.

I also tried a solid colour- or nearly solid: this was a mottled orange, but I mainly wanted to see how a non-print fabric would look with it. The colour could have been a red or whatever.

I also tried a black and white print, and this really appealed to me.

I thought maybe something like this but with not quite so much white would be ideal, so went looking for a black and white pin spot. This is my favourite.

I’m happy with this, so even though I did actually like all of the fabrics I trialled, I think the b&w spot is the winner!