some art and quilting

Some photos to show you today. The first few were taken yesterday when I visited the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane with my lovely daughter. We had a look at a few different galleries, and even though I didn’t get the artist’s names here are a couple that I really loved:
when I was checking these photos I realised that I wasn’t even sure which was the correct way up for this one from a Japanese artist: it was suspended in mid-air and crafted so that the top half was ‘reflected’ underneath it, just like it would be on a lake:
and there was a gallery of aboriginal art, my most favourite of all art:
All those dots!
If you ever get a chance to visit the museums or art galleries in Brisbane, you’ll find they have fantastic displays.
I’ve also been very busy with quilting quilts for clients on my long-arm machine. These two were done for Barb, this first one is a large quilt with the name ‘Chopsticks':
Barb has used some really nice and different fabrics in this one. The quilting design is one that she chose, with various sized triangles in the blocks and small pebbles in the triangle sashings:
The backing:
The second quilt is a baby quilt with a pinwheel design and so cute!
Barb wanted an all-over large stipple on this one, allowing the little prairie points to stay free, with straight lines in the first border.
I hope the lucky recipients like them!


I took a little break from taking a photo a day but have recently joined back in. While I don’t always take one every day, or stick to each day’s prescribed theme, I take them when I can. I use it as a way of keeping family members up to date with what might be happening at home!
Here’s a sample of photos I’ve taken over the last month or so:

this theme was [mix}: a mix of fabrics on my sewing bench:

[give] I was waiting for Child #3 to ‘give’ me a call when he was away on a sporting trip (he was stingy with his phone calls…. just saying)

[nearby] I was wishing this pair was nearby….they did actually come up to visit this past weekend, yay!!!

[style] or not as the case may be…but so warm for the feet!

[DIY] home-printed paper from our recent eco-dyeing class

What about you- do you take photos of the day’s little moments? Have a good week!


I recently found out about this great app for the iphone that enables you to turn your photos into watercolour pictures. It is so cool! It’s called “waterlogue”, available through apple apps. Take a look at these just messing around the other day:
the original photo of a beautiful rose from our garden:
and its watercolour version:
Painted in Waterlogue
a turkish bowl- the original photo:
and its watercolour version ….
Preset Style = ?It's Technical? Format = Medium Format Margin = Small Format Border = Sm. Rounded Drawing = Technical Pen Drawing Weight = Medium Drawing Detail = High Paint = Natural Paint Lightness = Normal Paint Intensity = Normal Water = Tap Water Wat
a photo I took in the Christmas store in DJ’s Sydney:
and the same photo watercolourised…
Painted in Waterlogue
I can see great potential in using this to create lovely artworks that can be used as the basis for an art quilt. Don’t you think?

And here is my round-up of daily photos for February:
{childhood} my father made this rocking chair so it’s a lovely memento of childhood

{details} details of a little hand-stitched work I’ve done in the past:

{heart} to celebrate the lovely news of my son’s engagement. I made this when experimenting with machine stitching and utilising wash-away stabiliser:

{feet} we’ve had a new arrival in the family, his name is Dublin and has snowy little furry feet

{reflection} my long-arm machine, which gets a turn every now and then!

Hope you have a good weeK!


I’m still taking the photo-a-day challenge, although not always every day and sometimes in a different order to the daily themes! This is a selection of the photos I took in January. Already one month gone….

{my town} a hand-sewn page from my fabric journal, which I’m actually putting together at the moment:

{a word to live by} what else?

{found} the little purple bits in this pretty bromeliad:

{man-made} I made this little pincushion for my mother (and the little cross-stitch brooch) many years ago. It was my first attempt at ribbon embroidery and it showed me how you could create something lovely in a relatively short time:

{colourful} a small quilt I made following Ricky Tim’s convergence -style quilting:

{black and white} I admired this cup and saucer at a friend’s place:

{something blue} my wall-hanging made a couple of years ago

{taste of summer} the sound of the red ball against willow, always cricket in summer! A good time for getting some hand-sewing done…

How was your January?

the month that was

I’m still playing with a “photo a day” challenge. I may not always take the photo for a particular theme on the right day, and I sometimes miss a day but I’m still taking them. Here’s a few I took in December :

the theme was: {red}
my new little nutcracker for Christmas

{in the cupboard} you can’t get rid of any of these- they always come in handy when you have a bunch of kids:

{silver} ’nuff said…

{weather today} I think I must have been a little sick of the hot spell we were having- my comments were “hot, humid, tease of rain; repeat” ….

{big} this big bear is a sentimental favourite of someone who doesn’t live at home anymore …..

{drink} …….

{green} a little pear I made last year from felt and hand-embroidered ….

{r is for…} what i put in my Christmas cake …

{joy} of my daughter when she graduated from university with a Bachelor of Engineering….

That was December, the Christmas month. It’s all good….

our Christmas to beat all…

I just have to give you a sneak peek at the fantastic Christmas holiday that my family just returned home from. For something completely different for us, we decided to experience a Christmas away from home this year. We went on a cruise to the Pacific islands of New Caledonia and Vanuatu, visiting 4 islands on a 9-day trip. It is the first cruise we have ever been on, and loved every minute of it.
Just a few holiday snaps- hope you don’t mind!
Leaving Brisbane on the Pacific Dawn:
The ship’s crew were so very good in looking after everyone one on board, and there was so much effort to enhance the Christmas theme.
We went to the Isle of Pines first, then Mystery Island for Christmas Day itself. Certainly a different way to spend the day!
Santa even found his way to the ship:
With my son- getting ready for Christmas dinner (without cooking and cleaning up afterwards-yay!)
At Port Vila in Vanuatu we went kayaking and snorkelling- I had a little turn at that-
We visited the markets on the islands- look: that’s a familiar pattern!
There were so many activities on the ship for the days when we were at sea- even an ice-carving demonstration, although he had to work quickly in the heat!
I can’t recommend it more highly – it was a beautiful Christmas for us. Hope you had a great day too!
Ship xmas dec

photos for November

A little look at my photos for November:

{P is for} a pineapple prime for picking
#fmsphotoaday {something beginning with P} a pineapple prime for picking!

{I collect…} my Mum’s teddybears
#fmsphotoaday {I collect} well actually, my mum collected ...

{book} my current book for Reading Group- lucky coincidence that the movie was showing on TV that weekend too
#fmsphotoaday {book} my current reading group book

{clouds} when it seemed that was all we would get
#fmsphotoaday {clouds} another storm brewing...

{play} playing around with some Christmas ideas..
#fmsphotoaday {play} playing around with some Christmas ideas #quilts #quilting

{where I ate breakfast}.. at my daughter’s place for a weekend in the city
#fmsphotoaday  {where I ate breakfast} cooked by my lovely daughter

{simplicity} a simple stitchery to pass the time at cricket..
#fmsphotoaday {simplicity} simple stitching #quilts #stitch

photos I took in September

A selection of my daily photos taken during September:

September 2 Lines… from a small art quilt
#fmsphotoaday {lines}

September 8 Made by me… a little stitchery made for my mother many years ago
#fmsphotoaday {made by me} for my mum many years ago

September 10 Sweet… a little day lily that just popped out (wish they lasted longer than a day!) and so sweet
#fmsphotoaday {sweet} just popped out this morning :)

September 12 Shadow… from a early morning stroll on the beach on a weekend trip to the Coast
#fmsphotoaday {shadow}

September 15 Season… beautiful strawberries in season
#fmsphotoaday {season} strawberries are in!

September 26 Curve… I’ve always loved the shape of an egg, and this one was so cute with its speckles!
#fmsphotoaday {curve} of a speckled egg!

our quilt anniversary

30 years of quilts from scores of members throughout all those years- my local group- Gatton Quilters- had an Airing of the Quilts for our anniversary this past weekend.
We were fortunate to have use of the local Historical Village for our setting, so our quilts were displayed in various locations throughout the village.
We hung them from the verandahs
and we grouped them on verandahs
we hung them amongst the trees
and we flung them over church pews
As well as our quilts the charms of the village were also on show…
Gatherings like these are always great because we get to see what a lovely diverse group of quilters we are. There was such a display of beautiful quilts that everyone has made over a large part of the 30 years: varying methods and techniques, colour choices and styles. It was also interesting to see how the quilts of individuals had changed over the years- from the much-loved sampler quilts that so many of us start with to quilts of bright colours and combinations perhaps not so common 30 years ago!
Thankyou Gatton Quilters- it was a lovely weekend.

a long weekend

I’ve just had a lovely weekend on the Sunshine Coast- an early Spring weekend but fast approaching summer. An indoor cricket competition to attend (and a well-deserved win!) which still left time to go early walking on the beach…
There’s something about the water and waves at the beach that is mesmerising….
Beautiful weather, even to get some sun…
#fmsphotoaday {white} white legs on the beach

And here are my photos for August, not in any particular order (!)

{Something beginning with ‘n’} some cute little notes:
#fmsphotoaday aug1 {something beginning with N} cute little notes

{best} of nature:
#fmsphotoaday {best} .. Of nature

{a room} my favourite room, of course!..
#fmsphotoaday { a room } my favourite...

{yellow} the little yellow centres only help to make the purple special…

#fmsphotoaday {yellow} the little bit of yellow emphasises the purple

{a sign} a fabulous school project I will cherish..
#fmsphotoaday aug7 {a sign}

{someone you spoke to today} lots of someones when I had to work at an Open Day for work….
#fmsphotoaday {someone you spoke to today} lots of someones at Open Day