my small world quilt

I started this art quilt last year. My Small World Quilt is made from a pattern by Jane Kingwell, and was featured in the Quiltmania magazine.

Karen Mundt- My Small World

Karen Mundt- My Small World

It combines my loves of lots of different fabrics- the ‘scrappy look’- with the theme of buildings and houses. Of course, how you choose what fabrics to use is entirely an individual choice. At the time there was an online Quilt-Along and accompanying Instagram groups, so it was fun to check them out to see how others interpreted it.
I used only fabrics that I already had, and it was a chance to use some different little bits and pieces. Like this little doggy…
and this little girl at the window…
I used light low-volume fabrics for the sky area, some with text, some with spots or self-patterns. I started with some pale blues and pinks close to the skyline, fading them to lighter colours as it went higher.
I also made one little change. In place of the little Pisa tower block, I instead added in a little hand-embroidered block of the Statue of Liberty. That was to reflect my trip to the States, taken during the time I was making it.
It also took me a long time to decide on how to quilt it. I actually put the needle in at an arbitrary place, grabbed the ruler and decided to quilt first one line, then another, turned that into a diamond. Echoed that, did another diamond further across, repeat. That was for the top half- the sky. When I got to the lower half, I just quilted all over in an irregular grid about 2 inches apart.
I backed it with a white and brown stripe, which I also used for the binding.
I really enjoyed making this quilt. With all the different blocks and fabric choices to make, you don’t get bored with it and its fun to see what the next section will look like! I enjoyed it so much, I may even make another version some day!
Karen Mundt- My Small World

Karen Mundt- My Small World

it’s a small world..

I’ve been working away on the ‘My Small World’ quilt (pattern by Jen Kingwell), also following the quiltalong hosted by Very Kerry Berry, among others. In Part 5, there is a lot of work in some paper piecing and applique. One section is a half-moon, or maybe half sun?- shape made up of hexagons. There are 30 little hexagons about 1/2 inch.
2015-09-01 22.25.34
I haven’t done much with hexagons in the past, so I was eager to try them out, especially as they would all be in colourful scraps and nothing matching- my favourite! Here they are joined together, along with the smallest foundation-pieced triangle arc below it.
I think some more hexies might be in my future! I love seeing them all pieced, especially using all different colours as I have, and they are quite quick to put together.
This pattern doesn’t give a lot of detailed instructions on the various sections, so you are open to using your own favourite methods for constructing the components. For the pieced arcs, template shapes for the triangles are given, with the intention being that you trace lots of little triangles and then piece them together. To me, these arcs looked like the arcs in a New York Beauty block, which is my most favourite block, so I decided to construct the arcs using foundation paper piecing. This is the picture from the pattern just to show what we are aiming at:

Jen Kingwell's My Small World Quilt

Jen Kingwell’s My Small World Quilt

I just had to work out the size of the arcs by looking at the pictures given on how many of the one-inch squares it covers. As you can see, the little hexie component partly covers one edge of the pieced arcs anyway, so it doesn’t matter if the final component isn’t the exact size that is in the original pattern. I drew them on graph paper first, then traced those onto paper to use for piecing.
From there it was just piecing the fabric scraps together as I would a NY Beauty arc, sewing along the lines and getting nice sharp points.
That’s the first arc, another few to go!

bright red

A few projects are coming along, bit by bit, so today’s post is a kind of progress report! First up, my red block for the Gatton Quilters monthly colour challenge.
Each colour comes with its own challenges. Red has a lot of different shades so I needed to come up with something where little pieces of all those different reds could be utilised.
This is a block that has been foundation-paper-pieced. I love this technique- it enables you to get a seemingly intricate block all pieced together with nice sharp points, with minimal effort! This in-the-round arrows block is called ‘Marvelous Millie’- it was a pattern found in the ‘Love Patchwork & Quilting’ magazine (Issue 22). In the magazine version, it was made with white as the main colour and a print for the accent pieces. I decided to see how I could make it with lots of reds.
From the photos you can see how some of the pieces have quite an orange look to them, and some photos look more ‘orangey’ than others, but they were all reds. I used red hand-dyeds for the main colour sections, and red prints and patterns for the accent pieces. I’m still making my mind up on whether there is enough contrast to really show the block off… I think most of the fabrics were all around a medium value, so it probably would be better if I had some lighter red pieces to add a bit more contrast. It also hasn’t yet been quilted.
I’ve also started on Part 5 of the My Small World quilt. Just piecing together the little squares for the sky….
and getting started on the little hexagons needed for the bottom of that section. Lots of cutting and piecing in this quilt!
And one last thing…
todays’ photo of a Dear Jane block. This one is called A9 Cabin Fever- it was also foundation-paper-pieced.

A9-Cabin Fever

A9-Cabin Fever

Have a good week!

my small world quilt- growing the city

Time for another update on My Small World Quilt. I started this back here and am getting bits done when I can, but I’m probably a little behind others who are taking part in the quilt-along. This is Part 4 added to the others (numbered right to left):

Karen Mundt-My Small World quilt

Karen Mundt-My Small World quilt

This part had some more hand-stitching; I substituted the Statue of Liberty for the Pisa Tower:
as well as some applique and piecing,
including some clam shells…
You can see that I have been making my sky sections out of a variety of neutrals with a few text fabrics and some light blue squares thrown in here and there…
I’ve used as many fabrics as I can for that scrappy look, although I am also repeating a fabric in a patch occasionally so that it hopefully will all meld together. When I’m looking at a scrappy quilt, I like to look at all the blocks and the fabrics used and pick out where a certain fabric might have been used- my eye travels around the quilt looking for other placements so in my mind that helps to make it feel connected.
On now to Part 5!

a small world in a quilt

Progress on my newest quilt “My Small World”, first mentioned here, has slowed down a little owing to some quilting on my long-arm for a client. However, I have got some updated photos to show of where I am up to in this little quilt.
I have now finished Parts 1,2 & 3- there are 5 parts in all. There is a Quilt-Along happening on some other blogs- such as: the Very Kerry Berry blog. It’s handy to check on there for hints and tips and see how others are coming along in their quilt tops.
There’s lots of choices and decisions to make with which fabrics to use and lots of different blocks and techniques to use:
.. you have to think about which pieces look nice next to each other, how does a particular piece fit in the wider section, and then, in turn, how does that section play along with the next larger piece of the top.
But you also get to have fun by placing fussy-cut pieces in hand-picked spots. Like my little red bus here?
This quilt ticks two large boxes for me: the cityscape theme and lots of fabrics to use- essentially the scrappy look, my favourite type of quilt!

And another thing…
Gatton Quilters’ Exhibition of quilts and hand-worked pieces is now open at the Lockyer Valley Cultural Centre Art Gallery. Hope you can get along and have a look! We had the official opening on Friday night, with Ali George doing the honours as our guest speaker. A lovely night. I hope to show some photos of the works on display in coming weeks.

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