a recent showing

I recently had some quilts hanging in the exhibition held in the Lockyer Valley Art Gallery by Gatton Quilters. Here are some pictures of them and a few other works, however I didn’t get a lot of pictures so I haven’t included everyone’s work here. This first one is my Shimmer Quilt that I just finished in time to include. I used lots of my favourite bright-coloured fabrics, mostly Kaffe Fassett and Philip Jacobs. The pattern was by Jenny Bowker.:

Karen Mundt- Shimmer Quilt

Karen Mundt- Shimmer Quilt

My Eco Hodge Podge, (on the right below) was made using lots of pieces of stencilled and painted fabric from various workshops our group has had over recent years. The small quilt on the left was also made with stencilled fabric, mixed with commercial fabric. It’s title is “There’s a lion in there’- can you see it?
The cushion below was made by Amanda in a ‘Working with Curves’ workshop:

Amanda D

Amanda D

I made this quilt last year for my son, using the Victoria Findlay Wolfe pattern ‘Bright Lights, Big City”:
Karen Mundt

Karen Mundt

L: Amanda; R-Alison

L: Amanda; R-Allison

Self portraits- using any technique

Self portraits- using any technique

L: Jan Knight, Meryl Blair; R-Karen- 'Urban Sprawl'

L: Jan Knight, Meryl Blair; R-Karen- ‘Urban Sprawl’

The quilt below is my ‘Small World’ quilt (pattern by Jen Kingwell):
The small quilts below were done as part of a monthly ‘colour’ challenge. We could only use one colour but whatever technique or theme we wanted.
And this one below- last year’s colour sinchies challenge: only 6″ in size, using 2 colours only and following the theme Flora and Fauna:
Each maker’s sinchies are in a horizontal row across the wall- mine is the 4th row from the bottom.
Happy quilting!

for the jet plane…

We will be leaving on our USA trip on Monday, and I’m all packed (nearly) and ready to go(almost). I thought I’d show you a couple of little things I made for my trip to inject a little colour into the proceedings.
A week or two ago I showed you this little sewing bag, which I’ll be taking with my sewing supplies- I can’t go anywhere without taking something to do, idle hands and all that…
My suitcase is a pretty standard colour of charcoal, so to be able to pick it out of the sea of bags on the luggage carousel I also made a luggage tag.
This was from a pattern found online, here. Once I made one up, I thought it needed pepping up a bit though, so I made some changes to it in size and shape. This was the original:
The ‘fabric’ I decided to use on the next one was actually some of the made-up fabric I’ve been putting together recently from lots of random colourful scraps..
I used a cardboard template to get the shape I wanted,
and cut out the fabric and batting and adjusted the piece of plastic which goes on the front to form a little pocket.
The pieces are all sewn together then turned out, and top-stitched all around, inserting a loop at the top.
I used some ribbon for the loop, and a little piece of Kaffe Fassett ribbon as the trim on the plastic (which frays very easily so get it sewn quickly!)
These were really quick to make, and so cute!
And, I also made this travel wallet for my tickets and passport etc. This was from a pattern by Natalie Bird in the July Homespun magazine, which just by chance I happened to find when looking back through it the other day.
For the main part of the wallet I used some hand-dyed fabric I bought from Ali George, the dark print on the quilted pocket is a V & A special reproduction fabric, and some Tim Holz travel document-themed fabric was used for the inside lining.
The original pattern did have a little applique picture on the front, but I left that off and just included the back-stitched text labels. Also another quick make and the pattern was easy to follow.
Hope you all have a lovely week, and keep on the lookout for some photos I’ll post on here ….

mini quilt swap

This little mini quilt is finished.

Karen Mundt

Karen Mundt

I showed it in its earlier stages here.
It was made with half-square triangles of warm and cool colours, using Kaffe Fassett fabrics like these:
The small blocks were placed alternating to form an offset diamond pattern.
I decided to quilt it with straight-line stitching along the warm colour ‘stripes’, emphasising the diamond shapes, and leaving the cooler sections unquilted.
I used a pink and white spot for the backing and bound it with a hot pink solid.
So that’s finished and now ready to send to my Schnitzel and Boo Mini Quilt Swap partner and hope that she likes it!
This time next week I will be on my way to the USA with a group of friends. We will be going to the Houston International Quilt Festival which was the prime motivator for the trip, but also visiting a few other places on the way. I’ll try and post some photos on here, because I’m sure it’s going to be the best time ever!
Today though a little colour in your day, fresh from our garden:

a modern DWR on the long-arm

I recently quilted this quilt-top for a friend.
She had made it as a wedding gift, using the pattern Metro Rings by Sew Kind of Wonderful.
It’s a modern take on the double wedding ring quilt pattern. Barb made it in blue, red and purple Kaffe Fassett fabrics with a white background, and she requested I quilt it as was modelled on the pattern.
She made a lovely quilt and it was a little daunting for me to quilt it!- a fairly concentrated quilting design necessitating lots of measuring and straight line work as well as curved lines, using various rulers.
This is the back- Barb used a pale batik fabric for the backing fabric.
When it was finished, I was very happy and a little relieved it turned out so well.
Thank you Barb for allowing me to do your quilting!

stitching a story

Some progress on my little Christmas cloth that I started last week.
I’ve sewn down the tree and added another one.. I think this is going to be a “Twas the night before Christmas” story.
Can you tell what this little patchwork animal is going to be?! It looks a lot like our lovely kelpieX dog Haley (I hope!). Only pinned in place at the moment and yet to work out the best way to sew her down, and then of course add her tail!
Also I thought I’d show this quilt below, as I don’t think I have had it here on the blog before. It’s a pretty basic design I made some years ago for my daughter to take to Uni but it has recently made its way home again. It’s place has been taken by the Lollipop Trees quilt!
It was made with a pattern published in a magazine about 5 or 6 years ago, and I can’t remember the name or who designed it.
I used a large selection of mainly Kaffe Fassett fabrics and possibly a few others- I can’t remember exactly.
I quilted it on my long-arm machine but decided to practise using a circular attachment which alows you to draw perfect circles. I quilted varying-sized circles randomly over the quilt.
I’ve given it a wash so its even softer and crinkly now.

Lollypop Trees Quilt- finished

Finishing a quilt after working on it for some time, even years, brings with it some happiness at the completion but also a little sense of loss when it goes off to its new home. I finally finished the Lollypop Trees quilt for my daughter that I have been working on for nearly four years. I was glad that I had a timeframe to work towards- in this case it was for her 21st birthday- but even though I overshot that by a year (!) if I didn’t have a specific reason for getting it finished, it may still be in the UFO pile.
I started this quilt because I wanted to do some applique- my favourite types of quilts tend to be pieced quilts, but also because I saw this quilt online somewhere and fell in love with it. I loved all the colours and mix of patterns and textures, and it used Kaffe Fasset fabrics which I also love to use.
So, here it is finished. I quilted it on my longarm in a simple pattern because I wanted the applique blocks to be the focus.
I used a gold-coloured thread on most of the background and some monofilament thread on the applique trees. This was a difficult quilt for which to work out what would look best. I ideally would have liked to avoid quilting on the applique altogether but because that would have meant a large proportion of the quilt surface without any quilting on it, that wasn’t possible. So I used the monofilament thread to quilt an outline shape inside the larger leaves and circles, and just quilted around other pieces so the applique would pop.
The backing fabric was also a Kaffe fabric.
This quilt measures 94″ by 94″. It was so big that even hanging it on the clothesline, wound up to the highest it would go, didn’t lift it off the ground!
My daughter took it home with her on the weekend. It was a long haul to get it finished, and I’m a little sad to see it go, but also very happy that I got to the end!

spiderweb quilt- finished

I have a quilt for show-and-tell!! This is my spiderweb quilt:

Spiderweb quilt- Karen Mundt

Spiderweb quilt- Karen Mundt

I started this quilt back in 2012. I have shown pictures of its progress here and here, amongst others.
It was inspired by a quilt I had seen on the Quiltville blog site, only I made some changes of my own. I used the basic triangle shape and the kite-shape templates to cut the pieces out. To make the spiderweb blocks, I pieced together strips of bright coloured prints- mainly Kaffe Fassett fabrics, of which I have many! The strips were of different widths and irregularly-shaped and I just sewed hundreds together to make the ‘fabric’ which the triangle templates were used on. I had so many of these fabrics that I only used what I already had, and only had to buy the black spot which was used for the kite pieces.
Using the strips that way meant that the strips run length-wise along the longest part of the triangle, instead of around like the usual spiderweb block.
Once the blocks were assembled together, I added little part-blocks in each corner.
Thw quilting also took awhile to decide- I wanted to avoid the centres of each block because there is a lot of seams all gathering together right in the middle. I quilted it myself on my longarm machine with a free-hand feather design throughout. I used a variegated thread on the blocks, with a black thread on the corner blocks and in the bobbin thread.
I joined strips of the same fabrics to make the binding.
I think it sums up a favourite colour-scheme of mine; lots of full-on colour with a black background. I am so happy it’s finished!
I have entered it in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival in the ROYGBIV (Rainbow) category- have a look here on Amy’s Creative Side blog and vote for your favourite in each category!

more lollipops

Keeping inside out of the heat has meant lots of time to do some stitching, which I am quite happy about! It’s so crazy that while we have over 40* heat here in Queensland, over in New York they are having below zero weather and snow storms. Thank goodness for air con (and solar panels!), no matter what extreme.
I’ve been able to catch up on some more little blocks for the Lollipop Trees quilt that has been my project for the last 2 years, utlising mainly Kaffe Fassett fabrics. Here is another of the large blocks that have been completed:
and here are the little blocks that form the border around those large blocks:
Some of these little blocks are only 4″ square,
some will be 4*6″,
and some will be 6*8″
The pattern gave instructions to cut these smaller squares with quite a bit of spare fabric that will end up being trimmed off; a fact I have to keep in mind when appliqueing the pieces on. I’ve already had to reverse-sew a few leaves to bring them back within the ‘invisible’ outline of the block. At least though, being small, these blocks are quick to do so I’m hoping I’ll get throght them fairly quickly!

Christmas wishes

Merry Christmas to everyone who might be reading this- I’m not sure how many there are, but thankyou all for visiting my site through the year! I wish you and all your family the very best for Christmas and the New Year.
I have a mini quilt here to show you that I made this Christmas. It is a design I made myself, using ‘wonky’ trees as the base blocks with splashes of colour strips thrown in here and there.
Each tree block is made first by cutting triangle shapes and adding on side pieces at any odd angles. For the trunks, I cut and pieced 3 strips of fabric together then cross-cut into segments.
I loved the bright blue Kaffe Fassett fabric so used that for the borders plus a contrasting fabric for strips down the middle. Even though I didn’t use traditional Christmas colours, the theme still comes through by using that tree shape. And anyway, I like its bright modern look with bright blues, pinks and oranges together :)
My other love is text-style fabrics, so I used those for the background.
I didn’t want the quilting to take away from the effect of the fabrics, so it was mainly in-the-ditch around the edges of each large section. I put little tabs in the top to be able to hang it up, and finished it off by sewing the back on ‘pillow-case style’ as I decided I didn’t want it to have a binding.
Do you like it? I hope the recipient does!
See you in the New Year!