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  1. Kaen, Your quilts are the bomb! I love your use of color and piecing techniques.The creativity from your imagination is amazing. I’m sure you have heard all of this before. Do you sell your patterns? If so I would like to see them. Really like the lollipop tree. Thanks, Kathy

  2. Thank you Karen, will go to Spotlight and pick up some Vliesofix.. Looking forward to starting my quilt project. Another thought, can you get away without sewing around edges of appliqué ?

  3. Hi Karen..
    I am about to make a cot quilt, having not done quilting or appliqué for a long time, could you advise me of the best paperback fusible webbing to use. I have never used this product before but it looks easy to use.

    Thanks Marg

  4. Hi Karen,
    Thank you so very much for the link, and for getting back to me so quickly. I have fabric ready to go and I think I may now get one done for a friend before Christmas. 🙂
    I’ll definitely keep visiting. Have a wonderful holiday.

  5. I love your blog & your work! Inspired by you, I’d like to make a tea cozy. Can you tell me where I might find the pattern you used? Is it one piece? Thanks!

  6. What is the name of the long arm quilt design you used on the white with pink flowers that has a flower inside a flower with a leaf on a vine on a quilt showed in the Edge to Edge Machine Quilting Designs. It has 1024×768 as the display size but no name. Your company display when I look at it but it doesn’t show on your site.

    • That is a free-hand design of my own- it’s a non-stop free motion pattern with flowers, leaves and tendrils done all over the quilt. I sort-of make it up as I go along!

  7. This is a very LATE “Thank You” for sharing your Leaf Block! This morning when I left a comment on today’s block, I realized that I had not thanked everyone for sharing for the My Favorite Block Quilt Along. I tried to comment on your leaf post, but I can’t find where to leave a comment. So I am sending it here. Thanks so much!

  8. Hey there 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog – when I tried to respond, it just said you were a no-reply comment.

    I hope to have my Dear Jane top finished by the end of next August – that will have been a two-year endeavor. We’ll see if I make it! No telling at all when I’ll actually quilt it!!! 😀

    Hope the rest of your week is nice to you!

  9. Hello Karen,
    I loved your fractured picture from your July 20 post. I would love to do something similar for the art quilters in my guild (Mariners Quilt Guild, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada). Can you please tell me the finished size of the piece, so I can decide how to blow up a picture I have in mind. I personally am not an art quilter, but we have several members who are and I like to offer them something fun his year. Many thanks for sharing any info you can. Jackie

    • Hi Jackie, I have a sent you an email with this is in as well, but we basically start with a picture or photo that we enlarge on a colour photocopier to A3 size. We then slice that up into 6 pieces each about 2.5 inches wide. Each person recreates that in whatever style they want, to that same measurement. When we put it together – we haven’t actually got a completed one done yet!- we plan to put a narrow piece of black between each one, and that will probably be about half an inch wide, and then a black border in whatever size looks good. So the finished piece could be approx. 18inches wide without borders.
      Really, you can make them whatever size you want. We thought the 2.5” width was big enough without making it too much of a chore for people over time- we have two groups of 6 doing a different picture each month. We plan to have 12 pictures so that each of us will get one to put together and keep. That will be done at the end of the year so we hope to have completed pictures to show at our Christmas gathering!
      I hope that all makes sense! Let me know if I can help any further, and I hope your art group has fun if they go ahead with it!

  10. Hi Karen
    I found your blog through Sarah F’s blog. Congratulations on your win! I love the art quilt based on the view from your house. The colours are so subtle and easy on the eye. And such an Australian theme!! It must be wonderful to gaze upon every day. Also I like the shadowy light on your June 8 post. I think it enhances tonal qualities of the fabric. Nice quilting too!

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