are you quilting along?

‘My Favourite Block’ quilt-along is steadily progressing; lots of lovely colourful blocks. If you would like to check what it’s all about, click on the ‘My Favourite Block’ button on the right hand side of the blog ->
The block I have designed for this will be coming up next week, which is a little bit exciting for me!
The most recent block is this heart block: I have made two in the separate colourways that I’m using.

I’m not sure which I like best, both have their attractions.

Here are some of the other blocks I’ve made so far in the coloured scrappy version:

I intend making extras in all the blocks, which I’ll probably need to fill in spots once I start assembling the quilt top- which is a long way ahead yet, I hope!

photos for January

I’ve been continuing along with the photoaday challenge (from this site). It’s easy to do- take a photo that is your interpretation of that day’s theme. You can then post it to Facebook or use Instagram on your iphone, which is where I do it. Instagram also has some filters you can play around with to give different effects and borders etc. to the photos.
Here is a round-up of my four favourite photos from January:

January 7 The theme was “street”.

January 10 The theme was “one o’clock” so this is what I saw at one o’clock that day:

January 15 Theme: “an ordinary moment” which I sort-of interpreted as an everyday happening:

January 30 The theme was “down” – my photo is of the clues for the ‘down’ section of a crossword, see the clue for Down. 30.

Well, I thought it was tricky…..

I have also made the next block in the My Favourite Block Quilt Along. This one is called ‘Reflections’, which I hadn’t heard of before. At first glimpse it looks like it could belong in a Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt, but it differs in that only 3 fabrics are used, and the little squares are arranged in a certain order according to their value:

We have to use a dark, medium and light fabric- I’m not sure that these show up the effect as well as they should:

and you do end up with 3 left-over four-patch blocks, which will no doubt come in handy to fit in a spare spot in the scrappy quilt somewhere.

Churn dash block

The next block in the ‘My Favourite Block Quiltalong’, hosted over on the Persimon Dreams website, is the Churndash block. The blocks on this quiltalong. so far, have been favourites that many quilters would be familiar with, but it’s always fun to see the variations you can get when you play around with your choice of fabrics.
Like in my previous posts on this, I have made a few of this block in the two different colourways that I’m trying out. This first one is using bright colours and contrasting them with paler, or lighter value, colours.

I’ve also made two blocks using these other fabrics:

With this colourway, I originally started with a range of fabrics given to me in a Christmas exchange- that’s the brown/cream/green/aqua/pink fabrics. When I went looking in my cupboard for some more to add to them, I was able to find quite a few different ones to contrast. Funny what you find when you look!

Have you thought about joining in the Quiltalong?
I’m also linking up to the Small Blog Meet here – a great special feature hosted by Lily’s Quilts for small blog owners to hopefully connect with lots of others.

my first blocks for the Quilt Along

I’ve made a couple of blocks for the Quilt Along called “My Favourite Block”. I thought it would be fun to take part in this and utilise more of my scraps- at least as much as I can! Blocks can be made in their 6″ or 12″ version, so I’ve started doing one of each, sometimes in two different colourways just to experiment.
The first block is a Log Cabin, so I got out all my scrappy strips and started with a solid middle square. I thought I might keep the middle in a solid colour as a constant through all the blocks. This is a courthouse steps setting. These three blocks were my first attempt, and I didn’t really like them.

I had tried to keep lights and darks on different sides but it seemed like I was losing the effect with the variety of fabrics, so…
I did another one, this time using 2 strips of each fabric, alternating the darks and lights.

The effect is more noticeable, but the funny thing is, when I put it up against the other blocks and my eyes went from one to the other, the first blocks started looking alright after all! I may still be able to work with them.
They might live another day yet..

The next design in the QAL is the ‘Road to Oklahoma’ block. The first one is using the multi-coloured fabrics in a 12″ version

and this one is the 6″ version using a controlled set of fabrics.

This is a quick block to make. I can see by keeping up and doing each block as it gets posted, it won’t take long to get a quilt made. If you would like to join in the My Favourite Block Quilt Along, just click on the square button over there in my right sidebar and have a look!