bright lights, big city- a finish

You might remember me mentioning my progress on this quilt top over previous months- Bright lights, big city. I have finally finished the quilt top- not quilted yet, but I will hopefully get to that soon!
The pattern is by Victoria Findlay-Wolfe from her book Double Wedding Ring Quilts. It is just an over-sized DWR, with big pieced points to form the large arcs or ‘rings’. It measures 90″ square, so it was a little tricky for my trusty quilt holder out in the breeze last weekend! I don’t really have a good flat photo of the whole top just yet.
I showed some pictures of its progress back here and here. It started with foundation-piecing the arcs, all 72 of them…
I made it in a completely scrappy-style trying to use as many fabrics from my stash as possible…
Once the arcs were pieced, I had to then assemble them with the little melon pieces in between two arcs and the square pieces at the end. Choosing the fabrics for them took some thought, because even though I wanted scrappy, I didn’t want it to look like a big jumbled mess! I decided to use various greens for the little melon centres.
Laying all the blocks out and playing around with what would be their final position was fun for all…
I used all reds for the large centre pieces, to bring some order to this bright multi-coloured quilt..
Even though I had made that decision, I still had second thoughts about it. Some of the red fabrics I initially bought to use, because of course I didn’t have enough of them in my stash!, were too busy or loud, so I used fabrics that had a small print at most.
Now that it’s finished, I can say I am happy with it, it’s just while you are putting together a quilt with so many different fabrics while working and looking at it close up, it can seem too much. Standing back and looking at it as a whole, I think it’s okay!

a little progress

I’ve been keeping some of my projects ticking along, in between quilting a few quilts on my long-arm machine. I have always usually liked working on a few projects at the same time, because of the variety. You can switch between them when you might be getting bored with one, or if you have come to a part where you may be stuck and not sure how to progress. Sometimes I like to switch between machine-piecing and hand-work, or applique and quilting.
But sometimes I feel like I may have too many pieces on the go, like now! When that happens, I know I have to stop and evaluate what I am doing and look at what I want to get finished, and what I need to have finished for whatever reason.
One of the things I am doing is the monthly blocks for the do.Good Stitches Charity quilts. I got the block finished this week for the May challenge – a single-wedding ring block which had to be made in bright pinks and low-volume backgrounds:
My other big project I have still motoring along is the Bright Lights Big City quilt. I blogged about it in January back here, where I talked about making the pieced arcs, all 72 of them! I’ve now finished all the arcs, and am putting them together with the little melon pieces in the middle. As is my favourite way of making quilts, I am making it scrappy-style, so using lots of different fabrics and crossing-fingers that it will all come together in the end!
Here are some of the blocks:
I’ve decided to try for various greens in the melon pieces and for the end square pieces I’m using – well, trying to use- prints with small-scale patterns so they don’t clash with the arcs, where I used anything and everything.
Once I have all these blocks together, they will then be pieced with the large centre bits to make the ‘double-wedding-rings’.
That might be awhile yet though!