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I love to quilt - all types of quilting, but particularly contemporary, or modern, or artistic! I have a long-arm quilting machine on which I do hand-guided, or free-hand,quilting. This is the core of my new business Liitle Birdie Quilting.

christmas 2017…

Just dropping in to to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for 2018. Christmas is a favourite time of year- for lots of different reasons: the trees always look so pretty
the shops get with the spirit..
and I get to hang up my little Christmas stitcheries- these two were made a few years ago but I still love them!
I hope you all get to have a great Christmas with your family and friends. I’m taking a short break from the blog for a few weeks- see you in the New Year!

a finished quilt

It seems like a long time in between finished quilts for me, so I’m always happy when I can say ‘I finished one’! This quilt is one I made as a contribution towards the Gatton Quilter’s 2-year-long project to make quilts for donation to local charities. We were lucky to have a lot of fabric donated to the club to use for these quilts, so I chose bright fabrics that I thought would look good in a children’s quilt.
I did blog about the making of it back in February here so that shows I have been taking my time about it :), but mainly just fitting it in around lots of other things happening.
The pattern is adapted from one that appeared in the Homespun magazine in 2015. I took out some applique from the original pattern and made it bigger to fit a single-sized bed. I also decided to arrange the blocks into a gradated colour scheme from blues to reds and yellows diagonally down the quilt.
For the backing I just used up as much of the fabric as I could, so in all it is a very colourful quilt which I hope some lucky boy or girl will like. I quilted it myself on the long-arm with a simplified all-over design of diagonal lines.
The Gatton Quilters have donated quite a number of quilts over the past couple of years and a lot of people put in quite an effort to achieve that. Well done to all!

busy stitchers

I have some photos here of the recent Gatton Quilters meeting. We had a few different things happening and lovely examples of quilters’ works.
Our current postcard challenge was to do a travel-themed postcard for Botswana. This is my contribution:
I was able to indulge my fondness for giraffes and featured them with a map of the famous Okavango Delta in the northern part of the country.
Column 1 Top down: Shirley,Lyn, Helen H. Column 2 Marg,Karen. Column 3: Trish, Helen S
We are very fortunate to have some very generous people in the group willing to share their skills. Jan Knight has been teaching the art of ribbon embroidery to those who were keen to learn this beautiful skill.

Jan K-ribbon embroidery book

Jan K-ribbon embroidery book

Jan K

Jan K

Jan- teaching

Jan- teaching

Jan was a busy girl that day because she also showed us how to make silk paper, using silk or wool tops. The silk was teased out over some tulle laid on a plastic sheet. There are a number of layers, each sprayed with the water/glue mix. The last step was to flatten it out and allow to dry. We haven’t yet seen it in its final stage but I will have to give it a go myself because it looked a very easy process.
Making silk paper

Making silk paper

And here is the show and tell:
Kaye C

Kaye C



Jan K

Jan K

colour- my favourite topic

I have been making some more blocks for the Shimmer quilt I started quite some time ago. You might remember I posted about it back here.
This is a progress photo which gives the gist of how it goes together- just imagine it without the gap in the middle!
It is from a p[attern by Jenny Bowker. It has lots of half-square triangle blocks and therefore lots of piecing!
Those triangle blocks, when placed near the large squares of fabric, enable the colours to shimmer as you look across the quilt. I was recently piecing some of the blocks which used as their base this Kaffe Fassett fabric, Black Lotus Stripe:
I had to find four different fabrics to team with it for the surrounding triangle blocks. As I put them all together I noticed how, although all were different, each fabric I teamed with it just looked so good and seemed to suit it perfectly.
From a mustardy-gold, a blue shot-cotton, a blue/purple batik to a dark green batik: It reminded me how we should always keep trying for the what-ifs- don’t go for the obvious and look for something different.
This next photo shows where those blocks will fit into the quilt. I think all the blocks are now made and the quilt-top is ready to start assembling!

something different

So, I went to a workshop last week. The tutor was Marg Sampson George, and while most of the others were a frequent repeater to her classes, my first foray was a great experience. I had a lovely time and Marg was a great teacher. I had been given her book as a Mother’s Day gift and chose one of her quilts from there to start on- the ‘Little Miss April’ quilt. As you might know, my preferred style of quilting is machine-piecing, with lots of fabric, a.k.a scrappy style, and more often than not I’ll choose bright colourful fabrics.
However, I decided to try something different and work with a more subdued palette. This piece of fabric (above) is from the Janet Clare line called ” A garden study” and I had bought it some time ago. I had been keeping it in my stash, just waiting for the right project. And, even though I love big bold prints, I also have a fondness for a softer colour scheme with creams, blues, greys and browns. I decided to use this fabric as the inspiration for the colour scheme for my version of this quilt.
The quilt is made using paper piecing. It uses a variety of shapes that all make up into larger hexagons. The bonus of starting it in the workshop was getting colour and fabric advice from Marg, especially as I am attempting to work with a relatively restricted colour-way. I may add in little snippets here and there, as in the first block below. I am so tempted to want to add in more colour! I’ve only got a few blocks started- and none of these are fully finished yet.
Here are a few photos of other work from the class, in various stages of completion:

still stitching

A little progress report on my year-long hand-stitching project- One Year of Stitches. I’ve been continuing to do a few stitches every day on this and it has been slowly building and growing. A little bit each day can make a difference!

Karen Mundt- 1 Year of Stitches October

Karen Mundt- 1 Year of Stitches October

I have no plan and no specific end-product in mind. Just a free-form improv type of thing. I’ve included some pictures of the piece below showing how it has progressed through the year.
Karen M- Year of Stitches-July

Karen M- Year of Stitches-July

Karen M-1 Year of Stitches- June 2017

Karen M-1 Year of Stitches- June 2017

Karen Mundt- One Year of Stitches April 2017

Karen Mundt- One Year of Stitches April 2017

recent challenges

Creating a textile or mixed-media art postcard illustrating travel destinations of the world- this is the current challenge of Gatton Quilters.
The theme for October is Mexico. Continuing on with my theme of maps, I did this little map of the country. I used raw-edge applique with a machine button-hole as well as some free-motion machine stitching.

Karen - Mexico

Karen – Mexico

Here are a few others completed by the members of the art group:
Row 1, L-R: Marilyn, Marg, JanM; Row 2: JanK, Karen, Lyn; Row 3: Shirley, Trish

Row 1, L-R: Marilyn, Marg, JanM; Row 2: JanK, Karen, Lyn; Row 3: Shirley, Trish

All different styles as you can see, which is always the fun part of seeing what everyone comes up with.




And some ‘show and tell’ – Jan showed these lovely works at the meeting: I can’t resist a birdie!
Jan K

Jan K

Jan K

Jan K

That’s all I have this week!- I’m very busy with some long-arm quilting at the moment but hope to get back to my own work soon. Have a good week :)

in portobello road

The Cloth Shop in London, on Portobello Road in Notting Hill, is one of those beautiful little shops where you just stand and look around before going more than a few steps inside the door.

I'm looking a little serious here- must be wanting to get stuck into it..

I’m looking a little serious here- must be wanting to get stuck into it..

The Cloth Shop stocks cottons and linens and antique fabrics..
braids and trims and bits and pieces…
We all had a wonderful time browsing and touching and oohing and aahing…

I picked up some lovely natural linen and some braid- now to think about how best to use it….

eye candy in Paris

We managed to find a few sewing and quilting-related shops on our recent trip to France & England. It was handy to have looked them up before we went so we had a list of possibles to try and find. While we didn’t get to all of them, we enjoyed the ones we did!
This little Mercerie in Paris, called “Ultramod” was just a beautiful little old shop- which I know doesn’t seem so from its name!
We found it in a little side road, with a relatively unassuming exterior. It was like stepping into a treasure trove. It still used original wooden fixtures and cardboard boxes. It had a huge assortment of buttons…
and laces and trims…

some lovelies to just look at...

some lovelies to just look at…

And on another note, Gatton Quilters’ new monthly quilt art challenge is to create a quilted or mixed-media postcard. The first month was…. Paris!
Here is my little postcard: a map quilt created with bits of fabric, some embellishment and hand stitching to top it off.
Karen Mundt

Karen Mundt

Top: Marilyn, Karen, Helen S; Row 2: Trish, Jan M, Marg; Row 3: Helen H, Shirley, Lyn

Top: Marilyn, Karen, Helen S; Row 2: Trish, Jan M, Marg; Row 3: Helen H, Shirley, Lyn

And some other works that were shown at the meeting:
Kaye C- sashiko table runner

Kaye C- sashiko table runner

Marilyn- table runners

Marilyn- table runners

And on another another Note!: I will be taking a break from my long-arm quilting business. I have a number of clients’s quilts to finish off by the end of the year, but won’t be taking in any new business after that. I hope to spend more time to do some of my own sewing and quilting, and creating some new things. But you never know what the future holds- I may change my mind and come back to it at some stage! I’ll keep you updated :)
Have a lovely week quilting!

catch up

Well, I’ve been away from this blog for about a month now while on holiday. I’ve been over to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, UK, as well as lots of other sights in England and France. If I can get back into a routine and a bit organised, I might show you some photos on here over the next few weeks!

'House' by Irina Voronina

‘House’ by Irina Voronina

The Festival was fantastic; lots to see of course but I also enjoyed seeing quite a few of the quilt artists themselves demonstrating in their booths and giving us an insight into how they work. There were a lot of quilts on display but unfortunately I only got to see a fraction of them. The quilts I’m showing here today are ones that caught my eye and that I especially loved. Some were just included in one of the many exhibitions, some were entered in competition.
'Corinth Canal, Horizon' by Fenella Davies

‘Corinth Canal, Horizon’ by Fenella Davies

'Home/Less' by Eszter Bornemisza

‘Home/Less’ by Eszter Bornemisza

'My Place' by Susan Denton

‘My Place’ by Susan Denton

'Woman and Thoughts of 3' by Alison Garrett (entered in the Contemporary Quilts comp)

‘Woman and Thoughts of 3′ by Alison Garrett (entered in the Contemporary Quilts comp)

'Woodpecker' by Noriko Endo, Japan (Contemporary Quilts)

‘Woodpecker’ by Noriko Endo, Japan (Contemporary Quilts)

'Betula' by Liz Howlett  (Contemporary Quilts)

‘Betula’ by Liz Howlett (Contemporary Quilts)

'Applique Alphabet' by Sue Trevor (Contemporary Quilts)

‘Applique Alphabet’ by Sue Trevor (Contemporary Quilts)

'Coastal Drift' by Liz Heywood

‘Coastal Drift’ by Liz Heywood (Contemporary Quilts)

'The Art of Integration' by Moniek Hulsebos

‘The Art of Integration’ by Moniek Hulsebos (Contemporary Quilts)

'Bark' Group quilt category by the Exe Valley CQ Group

‘Bark’ Group quilt category by the Exe Valley CQ Group; 3rd Prize Winner