About me and the Little Birdie Quilting Studio

My name is Karen Mundt, and I live in Gatton, Queensland. I used to operate a long-arm quilting business for about 5 years, but closed that to spend more time working on my own quilts and hand-stitching.
I love exploring all types of patchwork, quilting and stitching but tend to favour raw-edge, naive and slightly rustic works with sometimes lots of colour, sometimes a faded well-worn vintage look. I do a lot of stitching on textile pieces, utilising and ‘re-purposing’ old cloth, scraps and whatever I have around. So many of us have lots of fabric that we’ve bought over the years as well as scraps from old projects, old linens and bits and pieces. I like to put them to good use and create small pieces of textile art and fabric collages.

I am open to any commission work, such as making quilts or smaller pieces. Please contact me on karen@littlebirdiequilting.com

8 thoughts on “About me and the Little Birdie Quilting Studio

  1. Hi Karen,
    Your quilting, and your blog, looks great! I’ve linked mine to your tutorial on using vliesofix today… I hope my readers spend some time on your site.

  2. Hi Karen, Have had more time to have a look at the quilt you just finished quilting for me. Just beautiful, so much detail, absultely thrilled with what you have done.Thank you very much. Bev

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