colour, colour and more colour

Today’s post is all about colour. Just a few random shots of the colourful things I’ve got happening in my sewing room at the moment.
I was rummaging around in this jar of silk sari strips looking for something in orange and red (the colours for this month’s sinchies challenge), and in the process, tipping it all out. The bright jewel colours of the scraps contrasted so beautifully with the little pile of blue fabrics I had lying on the table.bigcity1
On my longarm machine I am currently quilting this quilt of my own- this big Bright Lights, Big City quilt top that I actually finished some months ago. It certainly has lots of colour going on, with as many different fabrics as I could fit in it! I’m only just starting it, so still working out a quilting design for it.
And I am currently working on a new quilt- another one with lots of piecing and making full advantage of colours playing with each other. The pattern is ‘Shimmer’ by Jenny Bowker. The image above shows the start of arranging the colour blocks and playing with placement. (The white spaces haven’t been filled in yet.) It has blocks of big patterns, interspersed with self-patterned blocks of colour and blocks of half-triangle squares which cause the colours to ‘shimmer’ into the surrounding blocks.
These are some of the triangle blocks I’ve been sewing- more bright colours!
And, if I’m talking about colour, it would be remiss of me not to include a shot of these beautiful perfectly-shaped roses from our garden!roses1
Hope you’re having a colourful week!

quilts connecting

The quilt show held in Brisbane on the last weekend of April by Queensland Quilters provided a look at the talents of quilters from all areas of Queensland. The show was called QuiltConnect and displayed a large number of beautiful quilts. Our local group, Gatton Quilters, submitted five quilts for display. I decided to enter my modern quilt ‘Urban Sprawl’- here is a picture of me standing next to it- it was smaller than the others from my group so it was hung underneath another!

Karen Mundt-Urban Sprawl

Karen Mundt-Urban Sprawl

This next picture shows all our group’s five quilts, including the quilt on the right end which won Best of Show! Congratulations to Kay Crapp for winning the award- her quilt “Not anywhere near Baltimore- a Prairie version” showcased her excellent applique skills. We are very proud that someone from our Gatton Quilters group came out the winner!
This is my lovely daughter pictured with me again:
Here’s a link to look at some of the other quilts that were on display: Quilt Connect