Merry Christmas

Just a quick note to say Merry Christmas to everyone, and wishes for a happy, healthy and safe New Year. I’m taking a break from the blog for a couple of weeks but will be back in January.
Below is a picture of my Christmas quilt that I have been working on for the last month or two. I’m just finishing off the binding, so it will make it just in time for the big day!
I used some fabric I bought in New York for the background in the centre medallion- it has line drawings of the NY city skyline. The birds and leaves are a mixture of felt and cotton fabrics and I used ‘scrappy’ fabric for the wonky star border.

Karen Mundt- Oh Christmas tree , pattern by Wendy Williams

Karen Mundt- Oh Christmas tree , pattern by Wendy Williams

See you next year :)

more blocks

A progress report on my blocks for the Splendid Sampler quiltalong- here are five I have made recently:
I changed this first block from the original pattern by taking out the hexagon ‘flower’ and giving the bee some wings on both sides.

Block 51  Bee Happy

Block 51 Bee Happy

Block 52 Coneflower

Block 52 Coneflower

This next block has more of the indigo and blue colours in it:
Block 53 Whirling in Circles

Block 53 Whirling in Circles

You might pick a little error in the fabric placement in this next block- I wasn’t going to unpick it once I realised the mistake at the end!
Block 54 Shell

Block 54 Shell

I have machine-sewn most of the blocks, including this next one where I used the method of raw-edge machine applique:
Block 55 Dedication Rose

Block 55 Dedication Rose

how to make a Christmas gift

A recipe for a handmade book-mark:

Christmas Book-mark:   Karen Mundt

Christmas Book-mark: Karen Mundt

1. Take a piece of hand-painted and stencilled cloth and some sari ribbon of contrasting colours:
2. Lay out the sari ribbon silk strips and sew them down onto the painted cloth- I used a large zig-zag stitch in black thread.
Then cut across that piece into short strips of varying widths – no ruler needed! Rearrange those short strips- I rearranged so that there would be red pieces of the ribbon popping up in random locations, and then sew them back together.
3. The piece of re-constructed cloth I had at this stage was about 6″ wide. I then cross-cut that (you know I like to cut things up!) into the pieces that would become the book-mark- 6″ long and about 2.5″ wide. You can make them any size you want by sewing extra strips together or cutting wider or narrower….
4. I tore up a page from an old book and together with a scrap of fabric attached them onto the top. I used little pieces of text fabric- any words or sayings to do with books or quilts, used black thread and left the thread ends showing on top.
5. I then ironed onto the back of each of them some thin pellon- but in retrospect it would have been easier to iron that on to the back of the larger piece before cutting them up in Step 3 above :)
6. I used a piece of my hand-dyed cloth (dyed in a workshop quite a few years ago) as the backing- layered that and the top piece, wrong sides together, and sewed around the raw edges. I inserted a piece of ribbon or string as the loop for each one- leaving the cut edges out. Use whatever you have at hand, and they don’t all have to be the same. Sew around the edges at least twice free-style so the stitching looks uneven and ‘rustic’.
Great to use for Christmas gifts!


A couple of weeks back, I mentioned about the workshop we had here at Gatton, run by Ali George. I realised that I didn’t show many of the pieces I made on the day, so thought I would do so now.
All of the pieces needed the paints or oil stick or wax set in some way, so I have finally got around to doing that now. We produced quite a variety of different fabrics, and the challenge now is to use them in some way in our art quilts. That can be easier said than done- I find myself staring at all of them trying to come up with ideas on how best to make the most of them. That first picture above shows some leaves that were rolled with paint onto the fabric in a random arrangement, as with the one below:
This piece started out as black fabric, which I then treated with some soy wax resist and bits of string, as well as gel bleach, to produce the design: I’m sure I can see a definite face.
This one used fabric paint with a wood block stamp- I like it because it gives the appearance of an aerial view of city streets:
I think I will probably cut that one up to use in smaller blocks within an art quilt.
This couple were done with oil crayons and rubbing over surfaces- whatever surface could be found at the time:
I used some stencils made with an old card and some gold paint to make the bauble-shapes on top of the blue and purple – it was actually a ‘clean-up’ cloth but now looks special- it might come in handy for some Christmas sewing:
This next one was also a clean-up cloth until Ali grabbed it to use as a demonstration of the effect you will get when you tie string around a brayer and run it through some paint: those lovely green skinny lines made the cloth resemble scattered poppies. This has turned out to be my favourite piece of the day. I can see it being embellished with lots of hand-stitching:
This last one has an industrial look to it- produced with paint over a grid of masking tape and bubble-wrap:
Any suggestions on how to utilise them?!