blue and green should be seen

This block is for the Cherish do.Good.Stitches group quilt that I am contributing to this year. It is an Octagon block, very easy to make using paper foundation, piecing a large triangle unit then joining them together into squares.
I can see that once you have a whole lot of these blocks and assemble them together they would make an excellent colourful ‘scrappy’ quilt. The corner triangles would form a secondary octagon as well.
Speaking of colour, the Gatton Quilters Art group has started a small monthly challenge. We have to produce a 6″ block using whatever methods we like, but only two colours. The colours for our first month were blue and green.

Karen Mundt- blue and green

Karen Mundt- blue and green

I had a beautiful piece of blue and green batik fabric that I thought would fit the bill, so decided I would just hand-stitch all over the batik, improvising as I went along.
I echoed some lines that were suggested by the shapes in the colour swirls and played with a few stitch variations. I also used a variety of thread weights to contrast the texture. I then just finished the block with a small facing finish.
Do you remember that old saying about blue and green should never be seen together? Rubbish- I think they look fantastic together!
These are the blocks produced by others in the group. The best part of such challenges is seeing the endless variations that can be produced by people expanding their imagination and having a play.
L-R Row 1: Shirley, Marilyn, Helen H; Row 2: mine, Lyn, Trish; Row 3: Helen S, Jan K, Meryl
AllG&B3 Helen H and Trish
AllG&B4 Lyn and Jan K

Looking forward to seeing what next month’s blocks using green and purple will look like!

bright lights, big city- a finish

You might remember me mentioning my progress on this quilt top over previous months- Bright lights, big city. I have finally finished the quilt top- not quilted yet, but I will hopefully get to that soon!
The pattern is by Victoria Findlay-Wolfe from her book Double Wedding Ring Quilts. It is just an over-sized DWR, with big pieced points to form the large arcs or ‘rings’. It measures 90″ square, so it was a little tricky for my trusty quilt holder out in the breeze last weekend! I don’t really have a good flat photo of the whole top just yet.
I showed some pictures of its progress back here and here. It started with foundation-piecing the arcs, all 72 of them…
I made it in a completely scrappy-style trying to use as many fabrics from my stash as possible…
Once the arcs were pieced, I had to then assemble them with the little melon pieces in between two arcs and the square pieces at the end. Choosing the fabrics for them took some thought, because even though I wanted scrappy, I didn’t want it to look like a big jumbled mess! I decided to use various greens for the little melon centres.
Laying all the blocks out and playing around with what would be their final position was fun for all…
I used all reds for the large centre pieces, to bring some order to this bright multi-coloured quilt..
Even though I had made that decision, I still had second thoughts about it. Some of the red fabrics I initially bought to use, because of course I didn’t have enough of them in my stash!, were too busy or loud, so I used fabrics that had a small print at most.
Now that it’s finished, I can say I am happy with it, it’s just while you are putting together a quilt with so many different fabrics while working and looking at it close up, it can seem too much. Standing back and looking at it as a whole, I think it’s okay!

Splendid Sampler blocks

Only a few things to show this week. I’m working on a few different projects all over the place – a couple of them are challenges so I want to get them finished before showing their final photos!
I’ve been continuing with the blocks for the Splendid Sampler. There are two blocks released each week for this quilt-along and it’s easy to get behind! I try to do one or two each week so I’m almost keeping in sight of the front runners.
This block is Block #28 called ‘Stitching Fashion’, a foundation-pieced block, designed by Charise Randell.. I didn’t include a little sewing reel and needle which was on the original pattern.

Block 28 Splendid Sampler

Block 28 Splendid Sampler

Quite a few of the blocks have a sewing theme to them which I think tends to make them too ‘folk art’ for what I would like my quilt to look like, so I have been changing some blocks just slightly to suit my own purposes. That’s the good thing about blocks like these- it is our own quilt so we can use and adapt as we see fit. I’m using taupes and creams and Japanese-type fabrics as well, which makes them a lot different to those using bright colours or making them scrappy-style, which is what I would normally do!
This next block is called Scrappy Happy Heart, designed by Christa Watson, and also foundation pieced:
Block 29 Splendid Sampler

Block 29 Splendid Sampler

We’ve had some lovely cold days to sew by- hope you are getting lots done- here is my sewing inspector who keeps me company:


weekend away

I was fortunate to be able to have a quick weekend away last week, combining a visit with my son and visiting the Sydney Quilt Show. Needless to say, I had a great weekend!

with my son and a beautiful backdrop!

me with my son and a beautiful backdrop!

My son and his fiancee took me for a drive to Katoomba for a day, on what had been forecast to be extra cold with possibility of snow! We didnt see any snow, but caught some lovely views of the Blue Mountains, and enjoyed a cosy lunch at the Boiler House Cafe.
The three sisters- Blue Mountains

The three sisters- Blue Mountains

The Sydney Quilt Show was a great experience- certainly a lot to see, and I could have easily filled another day! They had a special guest from France- Cecile Franconie, an embroiderer. I wasn’t aware of her work before, but will now be looking for more examples of her beautiful stitching.
There were quite a few displays within the quilt show. One special display was of Japanese Boro works. I love these pieces, where scraps are sewn to scraps and over-laid with lots of big stitching.
And the display of quilts – so many beautiful quilts. Here are a few that caught my eye:
Deborah Louie - a Secret Garden

Deborah Louie

New Hexagon Millefiore Quilt  - Novacastrian Quilters

New Hexagon Millefiore Quilt – Novacastrian Quilters


Hope you are all doing lots of quilting!