playing with colour

Well now, what can we do with these pieces of fabric? I had a day with my sister recently where we played with the Liquid Radiance colours bought in a workshop last year.
We wanted to explore further the different effects that can be achieved with these pure pigment colours.
We got all the little bottles out and measured the liquid out into separate bottles and topped up with water. These colours are used at approximately 1/3 ratio. If it is mixed too strongly, then the extra colour will often ‘sit’ on top of the fabric and just isn’t absorbed properly anyway.
Then came the experimentation with applying the colour to the fabric. We sprayed some on cotton and then tied them around bottles with string:
I used red and yellow sprinkled with salt crystals to produce this effect:
Amanda played with some bright colours on these little singlets for her grandson:
Both are pictured while still drying- the feather was left until the colour had dried to leave its outline behind. Little Oscar won’t be missed playing on the beach in that multi-coloured singlet!
We folded and scrunched!
I tried mixing some colour, by adding some black to blue and hoping to get a dark denim or indigo colour. I didn’t measure the quantities so of course the result was a little unpredictable. I used it on this previously-white top, and it looked the right colour when wet but once it dried the colour more resembles a mottled ‘petrol’ colour, which is still good. It hasn’t been pressed in this photo.
The rest of these are just experiments.

Leaves placed on top while drying

Leaves placed on top while drying

This piece was placed in the sun on top of small stones to make a mottled effect:
left-over colour on batting- use this for felting!

left-over colour on batting- use this for felting!

'drop cloths' from cleaning up

‘drop cloths’ from cleaning up

These bits of cloth were used for cleaning up afterwards- I’m sure they will come in handy for a project somewhere along the line!