lovely makes

I’ve been very busy doing some longarm quilting for others- so I don’t have a lot of my own sewing that’s new to show you this week! My supervisor, Dublin, lounges on the chair in my sewing room keeping an eye on me and occasionally gives me his opinion, although I don’t know where he thinks he gets his knowledge of quilting from…..
Last week at Gatton Quilters, we had a few people showing what they had completed over the Christmas break. Jan Knight showed us her little collection of ‘Gorgeous Girlz’ which she made over the course of last year as a monthly program with the Thread Studio. Lots of lovely little bits and pieces were sent each month, which Jan used to create these most lovely brooches:
Meryl has finished her lovely red-work quilt top: (apologies for the unclear photo)
.. and this is Marilyn’s butterfly runner:
In 2015, we were lucky to have a workshop delivered by Robyn Christoffel in thread painting, embellishing and 3D texture. This is Kaye’s rainforest:

In the meantime, I’ll get back to quilting. A little sneak peek of Lyn’s quilt-:
Have a good week!