making quilts for others

My local quilt group, Gatton Quilters, is going to work on some quilts to donate for charity this year. It’s nice to be able to make something for others that will make both the recipient feel good as well as the giver. We will choose a worthwhile group to receive the quilts, perhaps someone who has battled adversity or loss in some way. The quilts will be made either in group sewing days or by individual contributions.
I have also joined an online group to make quilts for charity. The charity bee is called do.Good Stitches and there are a number of circles of people making quilts. My circle is the Cherish group made up of people in Australia. The original do. Good Stitches bee was devised by Rachel of Stitched in Color and most of the other groups are in her home country, USA. These blocks are the first ones I’ve made for the year.
This first month’s direction was to make a ‘wonky’ star block – the star is to be white and the rest of the block either greens/blues or pinks & purples. So, I have made these two 12 1/2″ blocks and sent them off to our group organiser based in South Australia who will put them all together. A different person is designated to perform the role of assembling the quilt each month. I’m just one of the block makers! On to the next month!