bright lights, big city

I’ve started making a quilt, using a pattern from Victoria Findlay Wolfe‘s book on Double Wedding Ring quilts. It’s called Bright Lights, Big City. So far I’m still only making the arc pieces.
I was attracted to this pattern because of the New York Beauty-style arcs, that being my most favourite block! I actually started making them some months ago, but they were put on hold while I was away and busy with the lead-up to Christmas.
The arcs are paper-pieced and I am tracing copies of the template from the pattern onto fairly thin paper for sewing. All those sharp little points!
I wanted to have a scrappy-style quilt, because I am still trying to use up fabrics I’ve had in my stash for awhile.
So, I don’t have a colour scheme at the moment- just all colours in together! I am thinking of employing red for the centre squares which will them provide a link across the quilt for the eye to travel between all that colour.
The only problem is that there are so many of these arcs to do! The pattern calls for 72 in total, and I’m currently only up to about 30. Maybe I could cut it down to a smaller quilt? This one makes a 90″ * 90″ quilt. Mmmm…. thinking on that.
What have you been working on? :)

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