Quilt life in NY

New York has so many things to do and sights to see, including lots of haberdashery -type shops with beads and trimmings and braids and ribbons, no doubt for its fashion districts. While we found lots of fashion fabric shops in the city we only visited one quilting fabric shop- the City Quilter.
DSC00386 Unfortunately the shop had lots of construction happening out the front to get a good photo, but that was the case all over the city. Lots of building and construction and renovations everywhere, so presumably they are making a good recovery from the GFC.
We spent a lovely morning looking through all their goodies.
Trudy and I also had to choose some fabric o take with us for the workshop we will be doing at the Quilt Festival :) so that enabled us to have a really good look around.
The shop also has its own range of New York-themed fabric with me being a lover of ‘text’ fabric, that was irrisistible.
We had read about one particular trimmings shop called M&J Trimmings so had to check that out. Look at the sights to see: