for the jet plane…

We will be leaving on our USA trip on Monday, and I’m all packed (nearly) and ready to go(almost). I thought I’d show you a couple of little things I made for my trip to inject a little colour into the proceedings.
A week or two ago I showed you this little sewing bag, which I’ll be taking with my sewing supplies- I can’t go anywhere without taking something to do, idle hands and all that…
My suitcase is a pretty standard colour of charcoal, so to be able to pick it out of the sea of bags on the luggage carousel I also made a luggage tag.
This was from a pattern found online, here. Once I made one up, I thought it needed pepping up a bit though, so I made some changes to it in size and shape. This was the original:
The ‘fabric’ I decided to use on the next one was actually some of the made-up fabric I’ve been putting together recently from lots of random colourful scraps..
I used a cardboard template to get the shape I wanted,
and cut out the fabric and batting and adjusted the piece of plastic which goes on the front to form a little pocket.
The pieces are all sewn together then turned out, and top-stitched all around, inserting a loop at the top.
I used some ribbon for the loop, and a little piece of Kaffe Fassett ribbon as the trim on the plastic (which frays very easily so get it sewn quickly!)
These were really quick to make, and so cute!
And, I also made this travel wallet for my tickets and passport etc. This was from a pattern by Natalie Bird in the July Homespun magazine, which just by chance I happened to find when looking back through it the other day.
For the main part of the wallet I used some hand-dyed fabric I bought from Ali George, the dark print on the quilted pocket is a V & A special reproduction fabric, and some Tim Holz travel document-themed fabric was used for the inside lining.
The original pattern did have a little applique picture on the front, but I left that off and just included the back-stitched text labels. Also another quick make and the pattern was easy to follow.
Hope you all have a lovely week, and keep on the lookout for some photos I’ll post on here ….

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    • No Lesley, They arent going , its a quilting-based trip. I can concentrate on quilts and fabrics to my heart’s delight.qq

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