in the pink..

I’ve been catching up on a few different projects lately, and trying to cross off a few on my list that I want to get finished in the next couple of weeks. One of them was this little bag- its called the Sew Together Bag. The pattern is by ‘Sew Demented’ and you have no doubt seen many versions on the net or Instagram. I plan to use it for a little sewing bag- it is a handy size to take travelling…
I made mine with different fabrics for each of the parts, so that it would be easier to remember what each pocket held. The zips were all random colours…
I have seen so many different versions, with people experimenting with all manner of fabrics and embellishment on the outside of the bag. I can see how it can become addictive to make more than one, although the pattern takes a bit of studying to work it out in places.
I have also been working on this month’s colour challenge for the Gatton Quilters- pink. This was a little hard because while I don’t dislike pink, I didn’t want a 14″ square of just pink staring up at me! So my challenge was to devise something that was pink all over but that the ‘expanse’ of the colour was broken up in some way, or diluted, but so that the block was still pink to look at. This is the result:
I started with a background made up of pink scraps all sewn together. I then got an old sewing pattern tissue and tore it up into pieces and placed on top of that. I did think of painting the pattern tissue with some gel medium in the hope of making it more transparent but it didn’t really do that on the sample piece I tried. So instead I added some open weave raw silk on top which still let the colour show through.
Then I pinned it and got stuck into some all-over free motion quilting. After stitching it, I then used some water-colour pastels to colour in a few highlights, using darker shades of pink to give some dimension.
I stitched lots of dresses and bows, all connected together in a continuous line, using a variegated thread. There were some torn bits of paper and holes in the silk to let some pink show through. This is the back…
It’s not my favourite piece I’ve ever made, but it’s good enough!