orange is the new….

A few challenge quilts to show you, from our recent Gatton Quilters meeting and sewing day. Our ongoing monthly challenge, where we have to use just the one colour to produce a small art quilt, certainly brings out the ideas and puts the thinking caps in over-drive! The colour for July was orange. This is what I made for that challenge:

Karen M-bits and bobs

Karen M-bits and bobs

I used as my inspiration the work of a quilter named Diane Savona, whose work I had read about. This technique is a way of embellishing your quilt, but instead of adding bits to the surface of the quilt, you add the pieces under the top layer. So yes, those shapes you can see are the actual item-including the scissors and the buttons, and press studs etc, basted onto the layer of batting.
The whole piece of fabric is then pinned on top and you proceed to pull it really tight over the items while doing little stitches all around the outline edge to keep them in place, as well as around any other edges like inside the scissor handles and blades. I used some (purchased) orange hand-dyed, and a variety of orange threads for the stitching.
Once I outlined everything, I then did rows and rows of running stitch in and around it all. This serves to connect all the pieces together visually and make a cohesive work.
Holding it up I debated on how to add its backing and finish the edges…
I decided to damp-stretch it overnight, pinned out on a cork board which helped to pull it all smooth, and then mounted it onto a large board, wrapping the edges around and stapling in place, before adding a piece of fabric over the back to cover that. The picture at the top of the post was the final product.
Some other members of the group showed their quilts: Jan K also had her orange quilt-
Jan K-Orange

Jan K-Orange

and some red quilts made their appearance:
Clockwise- Lyn, Meryl, Trish & Jan K. Red quilts.

Clockwise- Lyn, Meryl, Trish & Jan K. Red quilts.

I’m still finishing off my red quilt- I’ll show it here soon!