little frangipani quilt

Have you ever tried an online quilting course? There are so many out there, although one that I started with quite a few years ago actually no longer exists. ‘Quilt University’ gave me an introduction into techniques and patterns and basic quilting knowledge that I couldn’t get elsewhere, so I did quite a few different classes with them. This little quilted piece is one that I started in a class called Flower Power.

Frangipani- Karen Mundt

Frangipani- Karen Mundt

The goal was to be able to create a realistic portrayal of a photo image. We used a technique called upside-down applique. It was achieved by tracing the photo carefully, marking in all the areas that had a change in colour, or hue. I used a photo I had taken years ago of my daughter’s little flower crown she had made from frangipanis in our garden.
The tracing was placed on the back of the background fabric and you placed the pieces of fabric underneath, then sewed around the edges, which made it a raw-edge on the right side. I used batik fabrics, cottons, hand-dyes, silk- whatever I could find to replicate the fragile colouring of the frangipani blooms.
After all fabric pieces are in place, lots of stitching is needed with decorative threads to outline and emphasize the shapes. It was at this stage that I had stopped, so I decided to finish it earlier this year.
Actually, what prompted me to finish it was to enter it in to a Reader Challenge in the Quilting Arts magazine. They had called for small art quilts on the theme of ‘Blossoms, Buds and Blooms’. This was the first time I had tried entering something like this, but unfortunately wasn’t successful in having my piece chosen. Oh, well- next time! You can see the results of the challenge in the June edition of the magazine.
Dear Jane block:
This week’s block is A1 Pinwheel gone awry- it’s the first block in the first row of the quilt.
A1- Pinwheel gone awry

A1- Pinwheel gone awry

(Block is untrimmed, with seam allowances.)