yellow quilt

This is my little quilt made for last month’s ‘Yellow’ challenge.

I happened to have some Gerberas in a vase at the time which got me to thinking on a reproduction of a version of that. I took a close-up photo of the flowers and focused on one section of it. I had to divide the photo in to two halves to make it into a picture that was big enough. Using some ink jet printable fabric, I printed out the two photos onto the paper-backed sheets of fabric.
2015-06-12 11.20.51
The two pieces were then sewn together, and I then backed it with some iron-on thin batting. I put that on for the stability but the fluffy side underneath did make it a bit tricky when moving it round for free-motion stitching.
2015-06-12 11.21.08
It took lots of free-range stitching, using my domestic sewing machine. Around 7 or 8 different shades of yellow thread were used.
In particular, I needed to stitch over the centre to cover up the green, because it was supposed to be predominantly yellow!
I then added a narrow gold border with a facing finish.

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