I made this little quilt recently, to the theme of “Seasons”. Seasons could have meant anything from portraying a particular season, or all 4 seasons, or anything at all related to seasons in some way. My quilt is called ‘Winter Winds’.
I haven’t been able to get a good photo of it, so hope these will do. The white is a little hard to see too, so it would be better seeing it in person!
My idea was to do a whole-cloth quilt in white, with free-hand quilted writing to give it texture. I came up with the idea of writing a poem on it so went searching for one to fit my criteria of being an Australian poem, on the topic of a season, only a few lines long, and which I could add a little hand-sewn embellishment of some sort.
This poem by the renowned Australian poet Les Murray fit the bill exactly. The poem was published in 2006 in the book ‘The Biplane Houses’. It talks of bougainvillea petals scattering in the wind:

Like applique on nothingness
like adjectives in hype
fallen bracts of the bougain-
magenta-and-faded- villea
eddy round the lee verandah
like flowers still partying
when their dress has gone home.

I drew the bougainvillea flowers myself after studying them for quite awhile to get the shape of their petals, and made little freezer paper templates to cut them and the leaves from silk, to applique. I then free-hand machine-sketched an outline with black thread, using my domestic sewing machine. I was looking for the effect of a water-colour drawing.
The quilted writing was done on my long-arm machine. I bound the edges with silk sari ribbon- lengths joined together to make a continuous piece and sewn on like regular binding but without turning it over, intead leaving the raw edges on show.
It has turned out how I planned it, but in hindsight I probably would have made it a little smaller, and therefore the writing a little closer. I only used a soft cotton batting, which is what I like to use in regular quilts. However, because of its size I think this would have benefitted from a thicker batting to give it a little more firmness for hanging.
This one is finished just in time for our (Gatton Quilters) quilt exhibition we have coming up in July. Quilts from the group will be on display at the Lockyer Valley Cultural Centre Art Gallery from 19 July for one month. Lots of lovely work will be on displa, including other’s interpretation of Seasons!