Scrappy trip around the world

I finished this quilt a little while ago but haven’t actually shown it here on the blog in its finished state. It’s a Trip-Around-The-World quilt done in a scrappy style.

Scrappy Trip Around The World- Karen Mundt

Scrappy Trip Around The World- Karen Mundt

I actually started it about 2 years ago, and worked on it in between other quilts and projects. These quilts were all the rage on the ‘net about then, and their scrappy style really caught my eye. The traditional version of the pattern, using maybe just 2 colours, has been around for a long time but this scrappy version uses as many different fabrics as you want.
You are still able to see the pattern of the diamond shapes as the eye travels around the quilt picking up the darker fabrics and and imagining the patterns.
It’s really easy to make too; just cutting 2.5″ strips, sewing them together into a big ‘loop’, then cross-cutting that into 2.5″ loops. You then open the stitching on each of the made loops at a different spot each time and re-assemble the strips into a square block. It’s really fun to see the patterns created by the strips, and once you get a few blocks made you can start placing them together how you like.
Playing with the arrangements.
Here is an excellent website that shows you how to cut the strips and sew them back together to get the effect: the instructions are by Bonnie K. Hunter on the Quiltville website.
I ended up adding another column to the original batch that I made to make it a bigger quilt, and also because I couldn’t decide on what to use as a border. Nothing seemed to suit it, so I went without a border and just bound the edges with binding made from the same strips.
I quilted it with an all-over loopy pattern. As it is such a busy-looking quilt, there’s no need for anything more than a simple quilting pattern, because you won’t really notice it on the top anyway.
I want to try and use up a lot of my stash fabric, so this was a good project for that, but also my favourite type of quilt is a scrappy quilt. I just love using as many fabrics as possible in a quilt. I’m now on the lookout for other quilt ideas to use up some more!

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  1. Brilliant Karen, must have taken a while to decide how to set it out, I think I would be still trying to figure it out.

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