some more Jane

Just a quick post this week- I don’t have a lot of new work to show because I’ve been long-arm quilting for a client the last week or so. Hopefully I can show that here next week.
I do have some more Dear Jane blocks to show you. In case I haven’t mentioned before, these blocks are all taken from the book of the same name by Brenda Manges Papadakis. The author named the blocks herself. The book includes a diagram of each block so you can trace each one, with its parts, and then use whichever method you prefer to construct it. Some blocks can be hand-pieced, some can be foundation-pieced, some have applique and some use reverse-applique. All of these below have used reverse-applique in some way.
E11 Wagon Wheel

B1 Bachelor's Buttons

B1 Bachelor’s Buttons

F11 On Target

F11 On Target

( N.B. these haven’t been trimmed yet, and don’t mind the loose threads!)


If you think block B1 looks a little smaller than the others, then you would be right. It was one of the very first I did, and at that time wasn’t aware of needing to include a seam allowance around the outside edge. I intend to add a narrow border around the couple of blocks that aren’t the right size when I put them all together.
Until next week, happy quilting!