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If you were given a challenge to make a small quilt, no bigger than 14″ square, to the theme of “Green”, what would you do? The art quilt group of Gatton Quilters recently held such a challenge, and some really inventive works were created.
I decided to make a piece from strips of as many green coloured fabrics that I could find in my stash, with the aim to still see a pattern within the arrangement. This is the result:

Karen - Green challenge

Karen – Green challenge

I started by cutting lots of strips of no particular width and then arranged them on a backing. I originally thought of a more random arrangement between the varying hues but after a little experimentation settled with placing bright light greens in a strip across the middle and mainly darks and mid hues working out from that.
Once all the pieces had been auditioned and final placement decided, I put a little drop of glue to hold them in place on a foundation piece.
I then added some wadding and backing before taking it to the machine and quilting parallel lines about 1/4″ apart. I put a facing around the edges instead of binding. I think it even looks a little like a city skyline, which makes me happy as I do have a fondness for cityscapes :)

Here are some other Green challenge quilts by members of the group. Some are little quiltlets like mine and some are blocks that might have others added to them further down the track:

Jan M

Jan M

Lyn L

Lyn L

Meryl-green Meryl


Trisha k- green Trish
Trish K also brought this cushion in that she had recently finished with some lovely embroidery:

… and another thing, just thought I’d show this Clamshell Quilt, first talked about here, which I’ve now finished hand quilting:

Karen- Clamshell quilt

Karen- Clamshell quilt

Linking up here to the Stitched in Color blog which hosted the Clambake quiltalong.

…and last but not least, here is this week’s Dear Jane block- B4 titled ‘Chris’s Soccer Field':

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