the little jobs- sewing a quilt sleeve

Catching up on those last little finishing jobs that come with quilts- that sometimes get put off for awhile, or even left by the wayside!
I’ve been finishing some binding, adding some sleeves on to the back of quilts, as well as the labels for the back.
This is the way I add a sleeve- it may not be the correct way? or may not be the way that you do it? Let me know if you think I can improve on what I’m doing!
I first cut the strip for the sleeve- about 3″ less than the width of the quilt, and about 4″ deep. Then I machine-sew a little turned edge all around, and press the strip with a tuck of about 1 – 1.5″ all along the length.
sleeve1 This tuck gives it some room for when you put the rod or dowell in the back to hang it. I then hand-sew it down along the two long edges. The turned edge enables me to do a slip stitch so the stitches aren’t as obvious, and make it quicker than just turning th eedge over as you go.
And for the labels- I recently came across a panel of labels that you can cut off individual labels and use, like these: (this one’s not sewn down yet)
I thought they were a great idea, because sometimes I can’t find anything suitable to use for the label.
This one I incorporated into the faced-back when sewing the seams, and then hand-quilted over the top- which is still to be finished!
And here is this week’s Dear Jane block:

I4 - Stability

I4 – Stability

Have a great week!