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When looking around for some ideas for Christmas gifts for nieces and nephews, I fell upon the idea of making some cushions. I know that is not a novel idea! but I’ve not actually made quilted cushion covers before- mainly because I was always busy making quilts whenever I could find the time and didn’t want to take any time away from that.
But, now having made some and found how nicely they turn out without a lot of trouble, I think I’ll have to change my thinking! The bonus is that they are a gift that can be made for males or females, especially those that have left home and are living in rented flats. It helps to have something nice to decorate their surroundings.

This first one was made for my nephew. I used a block I’ve seen in a lot of quilts and enlarged it to the size I wanted to fit the cushion inserts I already had.
I just made the front, did some simple in-the-ditch quilting and added an envelope back to it. I had to gamble on the colours for this one.
The next one was for my niece in colours that I knew would look good in her room.
I used some batiks and matched them with some black fabric that I had previously done some discharge-dyeing on. I used a different block, once again enlarged to the right size.
You can see the effect of the discharge bleaching on the black fabric in this next photo. I did this in a little workshop earlier in the year, so this was an excellent use for it.
I was having so much fun that I also made one for my daughter in a different colourway.
This one was backed with a text print fabric, and also a basic quilt in the ditch. By just using an envelope closing on all the cushions, I didn’t have to use any zips or buttons etc.
I was very happy with how they turned out :)

2 thoughts on “colourful cushions

  1. Those are beautiful. I got a sewing machine for Christmas and my first project was a cushion cover. I love your designs – they are so unique. And I think I’ll take your advice and use an envelope closure. I tried to put a zip in and made a little bit of a mess.

    • Hi Kate,
      Yes, cushion covers are a great way to experiment with any blocks you might want to try before using them in a bigger project.

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