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I made this little quilt as my contribution to a challenge that the Art Quilt group of Gatton Quilters held in the second half of 2014. I mentioned the challenge back in this post. This is my interpretation of the theme.
The theme was ‘Recycle’ and we could interpret that in any way we wanted, whether it be by the materials we used or the subject matter of what we depicted, or even choose between realistic or abstract methods. The title of my quilt is the Recycled Neighbourhood. It shows some streets of any neighbourhood, lots of little houses all in a row. The tree in the middle is what had to make way for those houses to be built, so it was recycled into the houses as well as the road map that it is made from.
I didn’t buy any new materials to make this, although the bits of fabric for the houses were some old scraps of solid colour cottons I’ve had for years. The base was an old linen tea towel- used on the ‘wrong’ side, as was the backing. I ironed some light-weight fusible interfacing to the back of it for stability.
I drew the tree onto some paper to use as a template and then worked out where I wanted the tree to be placed.
recyc-placing tree
I fused all the scraps of cotton and cut out lots of little squares and triangles for the houses, placing them along imaginary roads and around the tree outline. I had to include all different shape houses as well as the odd park and river for the neighbourhood.
Once I had pressed them into place, I then free motion quilted the houses with assorted threads.
The tree template was then used to trace a tree from an old road map. I coated the tree with gel medium and let dry before placing it onto the quilt and sewing it in place around its edges.
I backed it with another old teatowel from which I also cut strips to attach and use as the facing edges. On the front I sewed selvedge scraps around the edges to act as a frame.
My little ‘recycled’ neighbourhood!

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  1. Thanks again for coming to visit, Karen. It was fun to look through your site and see all of your creative work. Love your map tree & how you used the selvedge for a frame.

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