spiders and butterflies

Another couple of quilts that I recently long-arm quilted.
Meryl made these two lovely quilts with jars of bugs and butterflies and asked me to quilt them. As both quilts were the same- same design and same colours, I wanted to be able to quilt them differently to each other.
This first quilt has some spiderwebs all over it:
and this is the back which shows up the quilting a little better:
The second quilt has a sort-of echoing curvy design with some leaves and critters and dragon-flies here and there!
The only thing with the black fabric was that it attracted a lot of fluff which you can see in the photos. I think I brushed these quilts numerous times!
meryl2 A little quilt writing as well!
I’m busy sewing some Christmas gifts at the moment, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise so I can’t show them to you just yet! Are you also busy preparing for Christmas?
Hope you have a good week.:)

2 thoughts on “spiders and butterflies

  1. Thanks Karen, fluff all gone now, once the wadding was cut off and the edges bound they are fine, wonderful quilting, at least at the Christmas dinner everyone was so taken up with the quilting they didn’t look at my sometimes not so good piecing.

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