Remember my little art quilt I started last week on a whim? Well, this is part two- it’s now finished.
I added some backing and a thin iron-on batting before quilting. I only quilted those areas which had no piecing, such as the red squares and the smaller taupe squares. The other blocks had their own thing going on with the micro-piecing.
I quilted it with a walking foot and a variegated thread in the red squares and a matching thread in the other squares. Close lines of stitches, deliberately putting in slight curves here and there for a more ‘organic’ look. I then bound it with a skinny red binding by machine.
A tiny art quilt, but a good size to try out some techniques and play with colour. I especially love the little tiny bits of yellow, which weren’t originally planned but just add something extra to it.
And I couldn’t resist adding these two photos below of a day lilly we have that has been putting forth lots of flowers in the last week or so. They come out in the morning and then are gone that night, but oh so pretty while they are around!
day lilly1
day lilly2

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