making a wonky quilt block out of a straight one

I started making some blocks back in January, as part of the Aurifil Block-along, as posted about here.
I intended making these blocks with a view to add them to my scrappy medallion quilt that I’ve been slowly working along in the background between other things. This quilt:
This was the first one, a traditional bowtie block:
Like all the blocks I’m making for this quilt, I put them up on my wall once finished so I can look at them all together. I won’t be arranging them until I have lots made so their final resting place is unkwown for the time being.
But these blocks have been sitting there all this time and each time I look at them I think, they are not right, there’s something I don’t like. I think they are too big and ‘straight’ and ordinary, when most of the other blocks are wonky or improvised, or just different in some way. So, I had to do something with them. Maybe breaking them up, so all four aren’t together in one big block?
No, still too ‘clean-cut’. There’s nothing for it- I have to chop them up.:) So, I cut them across the middle, and inserted a strip. Still not enough; cut them across the other way and inserted another. Here’s the first:
I’m still not completely enamoured of them, but they are better than they were previously. Maybe they can sit up on the wall a bit longer while I ponder….
I’m linking up here to Lily’s quilts and her Small Blog Meet- hope you’ll have a look at some other blogs :)

6 thoughts on “making a wonky quilt block out of a straight one

  1. You have a really great ability with “wonkiness”! I haven’t embraced the wonky way of doing things yet, but your blocks are very inspiring! Btw, stopping by through Lily’s Quilts.

  2. I love your wonky modern style quilting. Thanks for linking up over at Lily’s Quilts so I could meet you. I look forward to your inspirational work!

  3. Hello Karen, just visiting you via Lily’s quilts link up. Your quilt is a work of art and really unusual fabrics too. I ‘ ll look forward to seeing it finished soon, kind regards, Sue

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