fabric journal- a finish

The journal pages that I’ve been working on for the last year are all finished, the cover is complete and they have all been assembled together into the final product: a fabric journal.
I know I’ve shown the individual parts on here before, but I now can show its final presentation- at last! The method I used to bind the individual pages together was to use two wooden rulers, drilled with holes and then threaded through from back to front with a strong wax-coated polyester thread.
Each of the pages had extra ‘space’ at the left-hand side to give the room needed for when the book was opened up. I think I could have made that wider though, or maybe used narrower sticks than the rulers.
Each page has its own label, printed on hand-made paper then hand-sewn to the back of the previous page.
Below is the inside back cover, and the back of the last page. I used a lot of ‘old’ fabric and scraps on this journal, probably about 90% of it was re-used, including this old soft teatowel used as the backing.
These are just some of the pages: we did ten altogether, plus the covers. I also used some hand-dyed fabric for the covers, which had cardboard inserts and sewn up in a ‘pillowcase’ style.
So nice to see it all together!