quilting on the longarm

This quilt top belongs to Trudy, and she recently gave it to me to quilt for her.
It is a quilt made for her son, and it has a great choice of fabrics for a masculine quilt. As I was quilting it on the longarm machine, I was admiring the patterns and colours. The bits of orange provided a lovely highlight to the greys and blues, with a stripe thrown in and some charcoal blacks. Getting to check out lots of different fabrics is one of the bonuses of quilting other people’s quilts!
The quilting design had to be one that would suit the recipient, so no flowery patterns! The design we settled on is a large silver fern leaf placed randomly over the quilt with the rest of the surface covered in parallel lines, with little ‘bubbles’ popping up along the lines.
It’s a little hard to see the design in the photos- perhaps you can just see the fern in this one?

I quilted this using my own design for the fern leaf and free-hand lines; a grey-blue thread was used for top and bottom.