weekly update

What I’ve been sewing lately: besides some quilts I have been machine-quilting on my longarm (other people’s quilts, sadly not my own!)….

I am working on the next step for the Lollypop Trees quilt. Even though I’ve finished all the applique blocks, including the little ones for the borders, I now have to cut up hundreds of 2.5″ squares, and lots of rectangles, for the sashings!
I want to include as many of the fabrics that I used in the blocks, and in all different combinations, so as tempting as it is to cut and sew these together in strips and then cross-cut, I’m taking the longer route and actually cutting all those little puppies and sewing them separately 🙂
I’m even cutting what I can from all the odd little scraps that are left over just to include all the fabrics..
It can be a little tiring standing and cutting non-stop so I do a few at a time; three hundred done, another couple to go!
A couple of the finished Lollypop tree blocks:
Just keep cutting, just keep cutting…..

3 thoughts on “weekly update

  1. Getting there, keep on cutting and cutting it will be worth it, looking amazing Karen.

  2. It’s looking absolute STUNNING Karen! Just love it. Can’t wait to see it quilted. Good on you!

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