spiderweb quilt- finished

I have a quilt for show-and-tell!! This is my spiderweb quilt:

Spiderweb quilt- Karen Mundt

Spiderweb quilt- Karen Mundt

I started this quilt back in 2012. I have shown pictures of its progress here and here, amongst others.
It was inspired by a quilt I had seen on the Quiltville blog site, only I made some changes of my own. I used the basic triangle shape and the kite-shape templates to cut the pieces out. To make the spiderweb blocks, I pieced together strips of bright coloured prints- mainly Kaffe Fassett fabrics, of which I have many! The strips were of different widths and irregularly-shaped and I just sewed hundreds together to make the ‘fabric’ which the triangle templates were used on. I had so many of these fabrics that I only used what I already had, and only had to buy the black spot which was used for the kite pieces.
Using the strips that way meant that the strips run length-wise along the longest part of the triangle, instead of around like the usual spiderweb block.
Once the blocks were assembled together, I added little part-blocks in each corner.
Thw quilting also took awhile to decide- I wanted to avoid the centres of each block because there is a lot of seams all gathering together right in the middle. I quilted it myself on my longarm machine with a free-hand feather design throughout. I used a variegated thread on the blocks, with a black thread on the corner blocks and in the bobbin thread.
I joined strips of the same fabrics to make the binding.
I think it sums up a favourite colour-scheme of mine; lots of full-on colour with a black background. I am so happy it’s finished!
I have entered it in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival in the ROYGBIV (Rainbow) category- have a look here on Amy’s Creative Side blog and vote for your favourite in each category!

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  1. I have never seen a spideweb quite like it! Most of the ones I’ve seen have strips going horizontal instead of vertical – it totally changes the look! Great job.

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