looking for inspiration

This little water-colour picture is my first attempt- Ive been doing an online sketching and water-colour class with Jane LaFazio. Jane also does lovely art quilts, which is how I first found her on the ‘net.
I love sketchbooks or journals with little bits of art, random pictures, scribbles, design ideas, etc but never actually kept one myself. So, I thought this would be a good way to get started. A drawing or painting class is a good way to really look at something, because we are taught to draw what we see, not what we think is there.
The fruit was our first assignment. These classes are to get us drawing enough to keep a journal, not to become fully-fledged artists! We start with pencil, then go over that with ink, and then water colour paint.
Leaves were next:
Some Australian leaves at that- gum tree, mango tree and rose.
Mixing the colours is quite a tricky feat, and getting the edges of leaves or petals to look like they are curling over also takes a bit of work!
Drawing a flower in a continuous line was next…
and this week another flower..
I’m thinking of this as an artist’s date- moving a little out of my comfort zone, working with colour and stocking up on some quilting ideas. :)