weekly update

What I’ve been sewing lately: besides some quilts I have been machine-quilting on my longarm (other people’s quilts, sadly not my own!)….

I am working on the next step for the Lollypop Trees quilt. Even though I’ve finished all the applique blocks, including the little ones for the borders, I now have to cut up hundreds of 2.5″ squares, and lots of rectangles, for the sashings!
I want to include as many of the fabrics that I used in the blocks, and in all different combinations, so as tempting as it is to cut and sew these together in strips and then cross-cut, I’m taking the longer route and actually cutting all those little puppies and sewing them separately :)
I’m even cutting what I can from all the odd little scraps that are left over just to include all the fabrics..
It can be a little tiring standing and cutting non-stop so I do a few at a time; three hundred done, another couple to go!
A couple of the finished Lollypop tree blocks:
Just keep cutting, just keep cutting…..

spiderweb quilt- finished

I have a quilt for show-and-tell!! This is my spiderweb quilt:

Spiderweb quilt- Karen Mundt

Spiderweb quilt- Karen Mundt

I started this quilt back in 2012. I have shown pictures of its progress here and here, amongst others.
It was inspired by a quilt I had seen on the Quiltville blog site, only I made some changes of my own. I used the basic triangle shape and the kite-shape templates to cut the pieces out. To make the spiderweb blocks, I pieced together strips of bright coloured prints- mainly Kaffe Fassett fabrics, of which I have many! The strips were of different widths and irregularly-shaped and I just sewed hundreds together to make the ‘fabric’ which the triangle templates were used on. I had so many of these fabrics that I only used what I already had, and only had to buy the black spot which was used for the kite pieces.
Using the strips that way meant that the strips run length-wise along the longest part of the triangle, instead of around like the usual spiderweb block.
Once the blocks were assembled together, I added little part-blocks in each corner.
Thw quilting also took awhile to decide- I wanted to avoid the centres of each block because there is a lot of seams all gathering together right in the middle. I quilted it myself on my longarm machine with a free-hand feather design throughout. I used a variegated thread on the blocks, with a black thread on the corner blocks and in the bobbin thread.
I joined strips of the same fabrics to make the binding.
I think it sums up a favourite colour-scheme of mine; lots of full-on colour with a black background. I am so happy it’s finished!
I have entered it in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival in the ROYGBIV (Rainbow) category- have a look here on Amy’s Creative Side blog and vote for your favourite in each category!

on my longarm….

This quilt was made by Alison as a special gift for her daughter. She gave it to me to quilt for her, and I must say I was initially a little daunted at the prospect.
Each of the blocks was different, and each had little pockets or flaps or little bits here and there that weren’t all sewn down- giving a sort-of 3D effect. Alison wanted the quilting to be all around those features and not to go across any openings.
I therefore had to quilt each block with its own design, while still replicating some design features to give unity throughout the quilt.
This design was put in the centre areas between all the blocks….
Some blocks had feathers and some had corner leaves…
I used a plum-coloured thread throughout which blended in with this border fabric (looks a little ‘pinker’ in this photo), and quilted this design around the border…
A challenge is good for you they say, and I did come out the other end in one piece! Thank you Alison for the chance to quilt your masterpiece!

looking for inspiration

This little water-colour picture is my first attempt- Ive been doing an online sketching and water-colour class with Jane LaFazio. Jane also does lovely art quilts, which is how I first found her on the ‘net.
I love sketchbooks or journals with little bits of art, random pictures, scribbles, design ideas, etc but never actually kept one myself. So, I thought this would be a good way to get started. A drawing or painting class is a good way to really look at something, because we are taught to draw what we see, not what we think is there.
The fruit was our first assignment. These classes are to get us drawing enough to keep a journal, not to become fully-fledged artists! We start with pencil, then go over that with ink, and then water colour paint.
Leaves were next:
Some Australian leaves at that- gum tree, mango tree and rose.
Mixing the colours is quite a tricky feat, and getting the edges of leaves or petals to look like they are curling over also takes a bit of work!
Drawing a flower in a continuous line was next…
and this week another flower..
I’m thinking of this as an artist’s date- moving a little out of my comfort zone, working with colour and stocking up on some quilting ideas. :)