wonky blocks

I always have a few projects on the go so that I can just pick up whichever one I feel like progressing and do a little work on it. This weekend I felt like doing some straight machine piecing, which doesn’t take too much thinking and you can see some results quickly.
The Aurifil monthly block program which I have joined in with this year is due for March, so I decided to do that. The block is just a simple one called ‘Borders’ but really just a log cabin variation.
I’ve made mine a little differently by making it in an improvisational-style. I cut the strips free-hand without a ruler and made them all different widths.
The blocks have a wonky feel to them! and I’ve made them in the fabrics for the medallion quilt I started last year- my back-burner project that patiently waits for any new additions.
I also made them smaller than the provided pattern was for, so I actually made three of them:
I also have some more little lollipop border blocks to show- I’m knocking them off one-by-one and can see the end in sight!