bleached effects

There was lots to show and tell about at the recent Gatton Quilters meeting. It looked like everyone had been very busy, turning out quilts big and small. I unfortunately didn’t have a finished quilt to show, but I can show you here some of their projects.
A lovely idea that the group has being doing lately is making a quilted runner as a special birthday gift for some of our members. This one was for Jeanette, with blocks contributed by other members and put together in secret by Marilyn:

It’s lovely to see the variety of blocks, each one of them different and often indicative of their creator’s style.

Some of the finished projects on show:

c/w from top left: Marilyn, Margaret, Val, Renae

c/w fromn top left: Marilyn, Margaret, Val, Renae

But the fun part of the day was when the art quilting group had a play with bleach discharging. A simple enough process- using bleach to make a pattern on coloured cloth. Very unpredictable and inconsistent in the results- which is what made it fun!
We never knew for sure what effect we would have or what colours would be revealed once the bleach did its work…
we used stencils and bubble wrap and templates
Now we have the fun of using them in our art quilts!