chairs and tea cozies

Do you have a space of your own, that when you enter it, you get this sense of well-being, or happiness, and you feel good inside? I have my own sewing room, my purpose-built room that is my own little haven in the world. When I enter it, I feel all the possibilities and potential that exists there and I can’t wait to get started!
In one corner of my sewing room is my comfy chair. For many years this has been my comfy chair:
it is where I sit and read my numerous quilting magazines, where I sit and hand sew, or where I just sit and look at some quilt blocks I might have stuck up on my wall for contemplation. This particular chair has special meaning though, because it is one I have had since all my babies were born. I used it as the chair for feeding little babies, cuddling them, playing with hem and comforting them, even sleeping through the night with them (or maybe just one or two of them- you know who you are!) in my arms.
So you can understand how hard it was when I recently decided to replace this chair with a newer model. After all, it was very old and with broken springs and didn’t match anything. But…. it’s my favourite chair!
Anyway, I did recently get a new chair, ta dah:
this is one that rocks and reclines and is uber-comfortable. And even though I do like it, I was a little sad saying good-bye to the old one. How do we get so attached to inanimate objects? Or is that just me?!

Anyway, here is a cute little teapot cozy I recently made:
I think I will have to look for a bigger teapot to fit it..
and some cute cozies made by some friends at our sewing get together: check the purple bead trim on the cozy on the left!