I’m still taking the photo-a-day challenge, although not always every day and sometimes in a different order to the daily themes! This is a selection of the photos I took in January. Already one month gone….

{my town} a hand-sewn page from my fabric journal, which I’m actually putting together at the moment:

{a word to live by} what else?

{found} the little purple bits in this pretty bromeliad:

{man-made} I made this little pincushion for my mother (and the little cross-stitch brooch) many years ago. It was my first attempt at ribbon embroidery and it showed me how you could create something lovely in a relatively short time:

{colourful} a small quilt I made following Ricky Tim’s convergence -style quilting:

{black and white} I admired this cup and saucer at a friend’s place:

{something blue} my wall-hanging made a couple of years ago

{taste of summer} the sound of the red ball against willow, always cricket in summer! A good time for getting some hand-sewing done…

How was your January?