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I recently found a block of the month-type thingo, where you are given a block design by a guest designer each month. It’s on the Aurifil site. Once you make the block, load a photo of it up on the Flickr site, along with all others that have made it, and once a month you have a chance of winning some Aurifil thread.
I thought I could achieve a couple of things by joining in here. This quilt, which is my working-along-as-I-get to it project:
was started mid-2013 in a workshop with Gwen Marston. I’ve shown it here on the blog before, here
It is a medallion quilt with no set design or pattern. I am just improvising as I go along, making up lots of small blocks that I will use to slowly build the quilt-top. I thought if I join in the Aurifil bom, not only do I have a good chance to win something, I also will get a good variety of blocks made for that quilt, using my own fabric choices.
This first month was a ‘bow-tie’ block, which is very easy to do.
I made 4 little blocks
and joined them together..
Not sure where they will fit in on the quilt-top just yet, but that’s the beauty of such a quilt- playing around with it and making your own design.

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  1. Loving your fabrics and what a great idea Karen! Looking forward to seeing it as it grows. :)

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