the month that was

I’m still playing with a “photo a day” challenge. I may not always take the photo for a particular theme on the right day, and I sometimes miss a day but I’m still taking them. Here’s a few I took in December :

the theme was: {red}
my new little nutcracker for Christmas

{in the cupboard} you can’t get rid of any of these- they always come in handy when you have a bunch of kids:

{silver} ’nuff said…

{weather today} I think I must have been a little sick of the hot spell we were having- my comments were “hot, humid, tease of rain; repeat” ….

{big} this big bear is a sentimental favourite of someone who doesn’t live at home anymore …..

{drink} …….

{green} a little pear I made last year from felt and hand-embroidered ….

{r is for…} what i put in my Christmas cake …

{joy} of my daughter when she graduated from university with a Bachelor of Engineering….

That was December, the Christmas month. It’s all good….