Christmas wishes

Merry Christmas to everyone who might be reading this- I’m not sure how many there are, but thankyou all for visiting my site through the year! I wish you and all your family the very best for Christmas and the New Year.
I have a mini quilt here to show you that I made this Christmas. It is a design I made myself, using ‘wonky’ trees as the base blocks with splashes of colour strips thrown in here and there.
Each tree block is made first by cutting triangle shapes and adding on side pieces at any odd angles. For the trunks, I cut and pieced 3 strips of fabric together then cross-cut into segments.
I loved the bright blue Kaffe Fassett fabric so used that for the borders plus a contrasting fabric for strips down the middle. Even though I didn’t use traditional Christmas colours, the theme still comes through by using that tree shape. And anyway, I like its bright modern look with bright blues, pinks and oranges together :)
My other love is text-style fabrics, so I used those for the background.
I didn’t want the quilting to take away from the effect of the fabrics, so it was mainly in-the-ditch around the edges of each large section. I put little tabs in the top to be able to hang it up, and finished it off by sewing the back on ‘pillow-case style’ as I decided I didn’t want it to have a binding.
Do you like it? I hope the recipient does!
See you in the New Year!

One thought on “Christmas wishes

  1. Love the quilt Karen! Looks great! :) Love the background fabric…fantastic! Merry Christmas to you too, even though it’s now Boxing Day. lol Enjoy your day!

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