photos for November

A little look at my photos for November:

{P is for} a pineapple prime for picking
#fmsphotoaday {something beginning with P} a pineapple prime for picking!

{I collect…} my Mum’s teddybears
#fmsphotoaday {I collect} well actually, my mum collected ...

{book} my current book for Reading Group- lucky coincidence that the movie was showing on TV that weekend too
#fmsphotoaday {book} my current reading group book

{clouds} when it seemed that was all we would get
#fmsphotoaday {clouds} another storm brewing...

{play} playing around with some Christmas ideas..
#fmsphotoaday {play} playing around with some Christmas ideas #quilts #quilting

{where I ate breakfast}.. at my daughter’s place for a weekend in the city
#fmsphotoaday  {where I ate breakfast} cooked by my lovely daughter

{simplicity} a simple stitchery to pass the time at cricket..
#fmsphotoaday {simplicity} simple stitching #quilts #stitch