shapes galore

The recent challenge for our Art Quilt group was to create a journal page using the criteria of only utilising one shape on the page. We could use whatever shape we wanted – as long as only the one shape was used, as big or small as we wanted, one or many instances of the shape, and in whatever technique we wanted. I’ve long been interested in tessellation of shapes- where the one shape is repeated over the surface to fill up that surface and leave no gaps.
So, I created my ‘Little Birdies” tessellation.
I drew this myself after doodling for quite awhile to experiment with lines and shapes. I didn’t set out to draw birds, despite my affection for them!, but after coming up with a few different shapes I realised one that I liked the best almost resembled a bird.
So with a little more tweeking, I could draw a birdie tessellation.
I drew the pattern on paper first, then transferred it to the fabric with pencil using a mesh transfer sheet. The fabric I used was a piece torn off some previously-loved linen cloth, and I then free-motion stitched the design in a continuous line with a colourful variegated thread (although that’s not so obvious in the photos).
I then cut out 3 little birdie shapes from some fabric and sewed them down, and lastly I put it to soak in a tea bath to give the aged appearance.

Here are some of the other art pieces created by the talented people in the Gatton Quilters Art Quilt Group:
Lyn- teabag tags
Jan with her autumn leaves:
jan m-shape
and Shirley also did a tessellation with a horse shape: