deciding on the quilting

Some lovely quilted works were shown at our recent meeting of Gatton Quilters. As I’m sure what commonly happens at guild meetings everywhere, members bring along what they’ve been working on, or still working on, to show and tell us all about them.
Patricia showed us some blocks she has hand-pieced and is planning to work into table runners for gifts..
We had Val with her lovely quilt top full of embroidered blacks offset by pieced frames..
as well as this quilt top in stark contrast, not only in colours but also style…
Val is still thinking about how to quilt these tops. That can be a very hard decision, because there are so many factors to take into consideration. There is not only the design of the quilting,
but also the style of quilting- whether free-form/free-motion or more traditional;
whether dense quilting or more spread-out;
whether the quilting is to be very obvious or to take its place in the background;
whether the quilting is to be used to highlight certain features of the quilt-top; the colour of the thread used; the eventual use of the quilt – for some people sparse quilting is better for a ‘cuddly’ quilt, and so on.
This spider-web quilt of mine is one that has taken me a very long time to decide on the quilting for-
it is a top that is very busy within those spiderweb blocks, not only in colour but also in construction. I need to think of a design that avoids quilting in the very centre of the blocks where many seams come to a point and create a lot of bulk.
Coming up with a design that doesn’t need any stitching over that central section has been a big stumbling block, but I’ll soon be able to show you what I finally decided on!

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  1. wow amazing! that flower basket one is so delicate and beautiful. And the colourful one is totally vibrant, strong and amazing :-) love them all.

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