update on the lollipop trees

An update on where I’m at with my Lollipop trees quilt. This quilt is also being progressed bit by bit- I tend to work a little on a few different projects so they all move along together. I never refer to them as a UFO- more like a Work in Progress because I don’t abandon them: I just give them all time equally, like a mother with lots of children!
I have finished all of the large blocks for the quilt- here is another couple to show you:
Now I’ve started on the little blocks that form a border around the outside of the large centre section. And I have a few of them to show as well:
I have used a machine-applique method for these, as I outlined in a previous post. I’ve varied it slightly by not using the washable fusible. I just cut the shapes out utilising freezer-paper templates, folded over the edges and pressed down with starch – much like I do when hand-appliqueing. I then used a couple of dots of glue to keep them in place and then sewed them down by machine. Really quick and easy.
So, even though it ain’t gonna happen over night, this quilt will be finished- soon.