photos I took in September

A selection of my daily photos taken during September:

September 2 Lines… from a small art quilt
#fmsphotoaday {lines}

September 8 Made by me… a little stitchery made for my mother many years ago
#fmsphotoaday {made by me} for my mum many years ago

September 10 Sweet… a little day lily that just popped out (wish they lasted longer than a day!) and so sweet
#fmsphotoaday {sweet} just popped out this morning :)

September 12 Shadow… from a early morning stroll on the beach on a weekend trip to the Coast
#fmsphotoaday {shadow}

September 15 Season… beautiful strawberries in season
#fmsphotoaday {season} strawberries are in!

September 26 Curve… I’ve always loved the shape of an egg, and this one was so cute with its speckles!
#fmsphotoaday {curve} of a speckled egg!